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Kevin Gersh has dedicated his professional life to providing the highest quality of educational opportunities to all children, especially those who need it the most. 
In 1991, Mr. Gersh founded West Hills Montessori School.  This program follows the philosophy of Maria Montessori and guides the educational experiences of children to encourage a lifelong love of learning.  Among the children enrolled in the program was one child with special needs.   This child inspired Mr. Gersh to redirect his energy towards children with special needs. In 1995, Mr. Gersh founded Gersh Academy. This very successful and much needed program focuses its educational efforts on students with neurobiological disorders such as ADD, ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, Tourette's syndrome, Autism Spectrum disorders, Anxiety/Depression, Bi-polar disorders, and Obsessive-Compulsive disorders.  Gersh Academy’s mission is to enable students to be emotionally available to learn. Currently, Gersh Academy has two locations on Long Island. Over the years, Mr. Gersh recognized the need for a similar program for young adults. In 2007, he opened The Gersh Experience located in Buffalo, NY.  This one-of-a-kind post-secondary, residential academic program for students with neurobiological disorders was designed to assist young adults struggling with the skills needed to navigate college life and/or independent living.  The goal of the program is to move students towards independence in the areas of academics, employment, apartment living, money management and social interactions.  In 2009, Mr. Gersh joined forces with his father in running West Hills Day Camp.  Founded by Edward Gersh in 1954, West Hills has been owned and operated by the Gersh Family since its inception.  Kevin Gersh literally grew up at West Hills Day Camp. In fact, it’s his joyful memories of those “special” summer days at camp that compel him to ensure that as many youngsters as possible get a chance to have similar West Hills experiences. During the summer of 2009, he designed a camp program within West Hills Day Camp directly tailored to children with special needs.  This dynamic program has doubled in size each year.  Mr. Gersh is a philanthropist by nature and is committed to his involvement and service to the community.  He participates and contributes to various charitable organizations including Long Island Cares, Salvation Army, Supply Drive for Haiti Earth Quake, Supplies for Troops, Pennies for Patients, Toys for Tots, Patchogue Nursing Center, Little Neck Nursing Home and serves as an Advisor on the Board of the Custom Education Foundation. As Founder and President of Gersh Academy, West Hills Montessori School, The Gersh Experience, and West Hills Day Camp, Mr. Gersh has dedicated himself to making a difference in the lives of children. He believes that camp, like life, should be an adventure filled with new experiences and lots of fun. Mr. Gersh’s experience and professional commitment continues to provide the opportunities, inspiration, and guidance for every child, regardless of disorders to reach their full life potential.
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