Local LAX Stars Complete Strong Seasons At Navy

Jasmine DePompeo of Sayville and Loren Generi of Bayport help lead Navy to best season in program's history

Jasmine DePompeo of Sayville and Loren Generi of Bayport.
Jasmine DePompeo of Sayville and Loren Generi of Bayport.
The college lacrosse season has come to a close and for Navy’s women’s lacrosse team, the 2013 campaign was the program’s best as the Midshipmen finished 19-2 and made it to the second round of the NCAA Division I tournament.

Two of the team’s top stars are local women, senior Jasmine DePompeo of Sayville and sophomore Loren Generi of Bayport. DePompeo finished the season as one of the nation’s leading scorers with 127 points (56G, 71A) while Generi had 75 points (62G, 13A).

Among her many postseason awards, DePompeo won the Thompson Trophy Cup, which is presented to the midshipman — male or female — who has done the most during the year to promote Navy athletics. She is the first lacrosse player and the fifth woman in the 126-year history of the award to receive the honor.

Recently, DePompeo and Generi spoke with Patch about their experience playing lacrosse for Navy and what’s next for each.  

Patch: Since joining the Naval Academy, how have you grown as a player?
Jasmine DePompeo: For me it was continuing to grow and learn the speed of the game. Going from high school to college, the game is much faster and much more aggressive and I needed to get used to that. We have had really good teams over the past few years.  

Patch: Were you prepared to play against the number of talented players at the Division I level?
JD: I felt I was ready for it. Coming to Navy and playing at this level, it helped that I played against really good teams and players on Long Island.  I wasn’t really wasn’t surprised by it but it was a different experience.  

Patch: How did your game evolve since joining Navy?
JD: In high school I was more of a midfielder and not as offensive minded. Once I got (to Navy) I made the transition to offense. The opportunity was just there and I have some really awesome teammates who catch a lot of my bad passes.  

Patch: Did you know (Loren) from your playing days back home?
JD: We played against each other and I knew of her as a top player on Bayport-Blue Point, but we didn’t know each other personally. She’s a couple of years younger than me and during my junior year, she stayed with me when she visited Navy and we developed a friendship.  

Patch: What are your plans once your playing days are over?
JD: I’m going to stay here over the summer and work with the lacrosse team. After that, I’m heading to Naval flight school in Pensacola, Fla. I’ll decide on what platform (aircraft type) I would like to train on. There are a lot of different options but I’ll probably choose a larger aircraft instead of going the jet route.  

Interview with Loren Generi below.

How has your game changed since joining Navy?  
Loren Generi: My role has changed. I’m more of a cutter now than a dodger. I’ve also learned how to take draws. I had no idea what I was doing (on draws) before I got here.  

P: What have been your ‘wow’ moments while playing lacrosse?
LG: I’m not sure there has been one moment. Every game I have the support of my teammates. In high school, we made it to the county finals one year but we weren’t able to get the victory.  

P: Since joining Navy, have you surprised yourself with your success?
  LG: Honestly I’ve been grateful to play (as a freshman) and be able to get so many goals. I’ve also been grateful going into every game to have the opportunity to be a starter. That combined with hard work has really helped me. I feel so lucky.  

P: Why did you choose Navy?
LG: I visited several other colleges and military academies. My uncle coached Navy’s men’s team so I grew up with Navy lacrosse. In addition, once learning about the military aspect of it, there are so many opportunities here to give back to your country.  

P: What is your future within the Navy?
LG: I’m an operations research major, which focuses on a lot of math and computers. After the naval academy, I can choose from marine, ground or surface warfare. I will spend sometime in San Diego and get involved in each (warfare) community that will allow me to choose one. But I have time to make my decision.


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