Students, Staff Recognized at Sayville BOE Meeting

In addition, presentations on new APPR, special education, and thanks from the Greater Sayville Food Pantry.

The Sayville Public Schools Board of Education recently highlighed student achievements and recognizing staff retirements.

Rose Castello, principal, presented citations from the Board of Education members to students in all three elementary schools. First up were the winners of the Pilot Club’s Essay contest. The fourth graders wrote about what they loved most about their hometown. Each student received a $50 savings bond from the Pilot Club. The winners were: Mackenzie Pfeufer (); Donald Schweikert (); and Nicholas Cameron ().

Logan O’Hoppe and Isabella Colombo were the recipients of the Suffolk Zone Physical Education Leadership Awards. Also presented with a citation was Shaun Gibbons. After his father passed away last year, Shaun wanted to raise money for the American Heart Association. By selling lemonade, Shaun exceeded his initial goal of $1,000 and raised $1,500 to be donated to the cause.

Seven retirements were acknowledged by the board. Lynn Alessi, who has been with the district as a teacher for 20 years, will be retiring at the end of the school year. Michael Mead has served the district as a custodian and lead custodian for the last 23 years. Jean Pollack, who has worked as an aide and a library aide, will also be retiring. Patricia Warren, who has served as a special education teacher for the past 31 years, was acknowledged. James Duffy has worked as a custodian and maintenance mechanic II for the last 33 years. Ralph Haberman, who has been a custodial worker in the district for the past 38 years, was recognized. Paul Kelley has served the district for the past 39 years as a custodial worker, maintenance mechanic II and buildings and grounds foreman.

Chestene Coverdale, director of the Greater Sayville Food Pantry, took to the podium to thank the school district for its efforts. “Sayville Schools have always been one of our biggest supporters,” she said. “Between the parents, students, staff and administrators they have done a great deal.”

Dr. Geraldine Sullivan Keck, deputy superintendent, presented the board with new regulations from the state on Annual Professional Performance Reviews (APPR). Sixty percent of the review is based on teaching or standards rubric; 20 percent on student growth; and 20 percent on local assessments. The new standards will be phased in during the 2011-2012 school year and the APPR must be adopted by the board.

A special education presentation by Mary Bohleber spoke about some of the ongoing efforts in that department. In 2010-2011, 371 students classified as special education were in the district.  New standards must be in place for the 2012-2013 school year to determine learning disabilities for students in kindergarten through fourth grade. Bohleber said the committee has been meeting two times per month during the school year. The manual is almost complete and staff training will commence in June.


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