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Snowy, Icy Roads Makes School Commute Tough for Everyone

Getting to and from schools was a nightmare driving experience, according to parents.

Monday wasn’t a good day for parents getting kids to and from school, even if the school day featured a delayed opening.

The biggest complaint heard from Patch readers late Monday was the decision of Bayport-Blue Point School District to open buildings on time and not do a two-hour delay such as neighboring district Sayville.

“What a mess. At least a two-hour delay could have helped with shoveling the walkways for the high school. The poor crossing guard is slipping all over trying to direct traffic and direct kids who have to walk in the street,” Kathy Chance Copping shared with Patch on Patch's Facebook page.

The B-BP school district's decision to open on time, wrote Allen Wone, was like “meh we don’t have busing, so we’ll open and let the parents figure it out.”

Driving around town early Monday morning was awful, shared Liz Stallone-Torres. “The roads are bad and some not even plowed. I can't believe they kept B-BP open.”

While school building parking lots were clear, most roads around the schools were not, explained Theresa Calfapietra Bailey.

“It was pretty bad actually, by the high school it is a mess. There are no sidewalks and Snedecor hasn't been totally plowed so there is no where for students to walk,” she wrote.

And taking the back way, along Railroad Avenue, to the B-BP HS wasn’t much easier.

“Going in by the gym was no better. I can't believe they didn't have a delayed opening, I hope no one gets hurt, especially if they allow seniors to go out for lunch," Bailey added.

Some parents, like Karen Waszmer Reeves, wondered how many local students actually attended school Monday.

“I have a feeling there will be a lot of kids absent with a ~wink~ virus.”

Even some parents whose children get a bus chose not to use the service due to the roadway conditions.

Michele Mays-Keenan was one such parent. “The roads are a mess.. so ridiculous that they didn't close.”

Travel along Barret Avenue and Bayport Avenue in Bayport, for drop off to the Middle School and Sylvan Elementary buildings, was arduous given the snow, cars plowed in and little area for students to walk, noted a few parents.

“The Middle School parking lot is a skating rink. They put cones out so clearly they know there are safety issues,” wrote Dawn Delouise Banks.

And as one parent noted, just because schools open doesn’t mean all staff can get to work.

“My daughter already has had her second substitute for the day and she is only in second period!” wrote Doreen Ann.

”There is NO way the schools should be open today. Even though everyone had all weekend to prepare for today, it seems that didn't happen. Maybe there is just too much snow, but whatever the case is, there are no sidewalks, the roads are a mess. It is not safe for our kids,” shared Kerri Miller Ahern.

Lisa Von Glahn was just as upset.

“Absolutely ridiculous!! I know we moved to a quaint town with no bussing but to expect us now to drive our kids in mini icebergs??!!! Bad call!!!!"

If it’s any consolation for B-BP residents, the two-hour delay in Sayville wasn’t enough to make the commute much easier, according to several Sayville Patch Facebook fans.

"The drive was treacherous to the high school. The RR crossings between Lincoln and Greeley are scary. Surprised nobody has gotten stuck on the tracks because of the packed bumpy mounds you have to go over,” reported Wendy Liu.

Stacey Haff Antos said it took her 30 minutes just to get to the middle school.

“Greeley is a mess and Johnson is no better. The railroad tracks are a danger. What were they thinking? It has to be about the almighty dollar just to get the kids there. There was no way I was putting my kids on the bus. After seeing the bus slide out on Greeley by Creations I was done! NOT SAFE! What were they thinking?"

Even kids taking the bus had a hard time, noted Kristine Conway.

“The HS and Middle School bus both 30 minutes late. Kids waiting in the freezing rain. No communication from the school.”

melissa ghp February 13, 2013 at 02:21 PM
I 100% agree! I understand Sandy put a strain on snow days, but Monday's drive to Sayville MS was treacherous-definitely not safe. They closed Railroad Ave. off because a SUV did get stuck on the train tracks! Scary stuff. The fact that they announced at noon that all after school activities were canceled - shows hesitancy on the safety of the roads. It also shows disorganization, if I had known that my child could not go to homework club till 5pm beforehand- I would have taken the day off. Instead I put our lives at risk to get to school- drive 1 hour to work- then had to turn around soon after to pick him up. Should have canceled school on Monday.


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