Sayville Students Artfully Say 'No' to Bullying

The message is one of kindness, self confidence and respect.

Photo by Linda Mittiga/Sayville Schools.
Photo by Linda Mittiga/Sayville Schools.
Written by Linda Mittiga.

Students at Sunrise Drive Elementary School in Sayville are all on board to stop bullying and took a creative approach to sending the message thanks to an art project initiated by art teacher Jeanette Ainslie.

“We discussed bullies and various ways a person can hurt someone,” Ainslie explained.  “We also discussed different ways to cope with bullying; whether it was bullying directed toward themselves and/or their friends/classmates.”

After the students promised not to bully or allow bullying, Ainslie painted their hands for stamping onto a canvas. Alongside each handprint their names were written. 

“Our goal as a close-knit school, is to have everyone be kind to one another and to stand up for each other.  I remind my art students how each one of them is truly special and greatly appreciated.  Not one child or adult in our school is more special or more important than anyone else. We are ALL extraordinary and unique, and deserve to be treated with respect. Sunrise Drive is a place of valued individuality, admiration and kindheartedness.  We are a family.”

The students’ beautiful “hand-painted” promises hang in Sunrise Drive as a reminder; “to be kind to one another and ensure confidence in who we are as individuals.”


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