Leadership Workshop @ Panera Bread

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 1025 W Montauk Hwy Babylon NY 11704  See map

We will be working with an audio workshop on leadership, followed by a discussion and networking.

Have you achieved the goals and dreams you desire?

Are you happy with your lifestyle, income, relationships, stress levels?

Do you look the way you want to look when you look into the mirror?

The most important person you lead is your self. Instead of reacting, find out how to take control of how you respond to everything around you.

In this session the following principles on leadership are discussed:

•The energy you put out in the world will come back to you.

•You must work on a superiority complex. You need to believe in yourself.

•Keep moving. The winning attitude is one of movement and progress.

•Hit the books. Read, and think about what you read.

•Learn from the facts. Use the six honest serving men: what, when, where, who, how and why?

•Consider the source. Nothing is ever as bad, or as good as it is reported.

•Know your own limits. When you are emotionally and physically drained, you are pessimists.

•Prepare your own luck. When you expect to be lucky, you will be. "Starting today, I'm lucky!"

•Whatever you do, decide. There is no totally right time for anything; don't wait for perfection.

•Invest in human beings. It's the spirit of man that wins the war.

•The value of loyalty. A loyal staff member is a preference over a brilliant one.

Our group has repeatedly proven that success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals. We help you concentrate on the overwhelming truth that everything in life is created twice. There is a mental or first creation in your mind and then a physical or second creation.

What you think becomes your reality.

Anyone who is interested in learning how to transform, grow, and achieve inner joy, happiness, prosperity, and success through the power of intention, meditation, visualizing, and/or energy work, is invited to attend.



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