BBP Residents Favor Term Limits for BOE Members

Voters overwhelmingly think six years service is more than enough.

Right now there are no term limits when it comes to serving on the Bayport-Blue Point School Board.

But given the crowded board election field, and discussion between readers regarding the option, Patch decided to ask residents if there should be limits and how many years should trustees serve.

Of the 42 votes cast, 23 (54%) were in favor of instituting a two-term cap, which would be six years of service.

Eleven votes, representing 26% of the tally, favored no term limits and eight votes (19%) were cast in favor of limiting terms to four.


Suzanne April 29, 2012 at 07:01 PM
Oops! I missed your poll. I however feel that board members can serve as long as they keep winning the vote when their term is up. That seems fair and democratic. Why limit the time someone volunteers for their community as long as they can win the majority vote? Anything less wouldn't be democratic.


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