B-BP's Red Ribbon Week Sparks Conversations

Program drives home the reality of drinking and driving.

Red ribbons tied around the large trees lining the front of Bayport-Blue
Point High School marked the commencement of Red Ribbon Week at the school in late October.

During the weeklong program, the school’s Students Against
Destructive Decisions Club decorated the building with informational signs listing key statistics about drug and alcohol use, sold red ribbons during lunch periods to promote awareness, arranged for an actual car involved in a drunk driving accident to be placed on school grounds and coordinated the school’s annual Grim Reaper Day.

Throughout this day, students were chosen at random by a student “Grim
Reaper” to have their faces painted white and appear as ghosts – a symbolic way of representing the alarming statistic of how often a life is lost in a drunk driving accident.

Additionally, the school’s students and parent community had the chance
to listen to a presentation by Bob Petrocelli. In his program, “10 Seconds,” Mr.
Petrocelli shared the story of his tragic experience with a drunk driver and
motivated the audiences to realize the power that their decisions have and the importance of building a strong foundation for their lives.

Shown are Bayport-Blue Point High School students and SADD Club members
took part in Grim Reaper Day as part of Red Ribbon Week. The group is pictured with Principal Timothy Hearney on the school’s front lawn by the car the club acquired.


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