B-BP BOE Hires Interim Superintendents

District names Neil Lederer as interim school chief; Miriam Flynn as curriculum leader.

The Bayport-Blue Point Board of Education has hired on an interim superintendent and an assistant superintendent of curriculum at per diem rates of $1,025 and $700 respectively.

The appointments were made at last week’s BOE work session meeting and the new administrators begin work as of July 1. Neil Lederer is a retired superintendent and has signed a one-year contract, with four months guaranteed, as the BOE searches for a full-time replacement. Miriam Flynn, the new interim curriculum superintendent, on an as needs basis, according to the district.

Lederer was most recently District for two years at a salary of $200,000 but but he does not receive health benefits or retirement contributions from the district, which he estimated saves the district around $60,000. Neither he or Flynn will receive benefits as part of their interim contracts with Bayport-Blue Point.

Lederer retired from the Lindenhurst school district in 2009 after seven years as superintendent. According to the 2008-09 Lindenhurst administrative contract, Lederer earned a base salary of $230,000 with additional benefits totaling $266,551.

Superintendent Dr. Anthony Annunziato is leaving the district to work as superintendent at Smithtown at the end of the month. He has served as school chief for seven years.

Vito June 11, 2012 at 05:04 PM
Why is there this small circle of candidates who hop from one district to another that seem to be considered for all jobs of this type? I know this only an interim appointment, so I won't go into full rant mode, but I am disappointed and hope this isn't a sign that the search for a permanent replacement will be searching solely within this same small pool. Additionally, this type of double dipping, where people like Mr. Lederer receive a very generous pension and lifetime benefits from one district only to draw another very good salary for the same job elsewhere is yet another reason why our system of tiny school fiefdoms is flawed and needs to change if we ever hope to put any meaningful caps on wasteful spending. I can't blame Mr. Lederer for taking advantage of this flawed system, but this system is costing us dearly.
john smith June 11, 2012 at 05:40 PM
How Can We Pay Over $1000/day for a temp??
Eliza Kay June 11, 2012 at 06:29 PM
Vito - of course not. A full search for a permanent sup is conducted either state or nation-wide. And it takes this long because administrators dont typically jump ship in the middle of a school year. The board made the right decision hiring a retired sup from a district on LI? Mr. Lederer has the credentials, the knowledge, proven skills, and understands the culture of the area. Instead of bashing the board and their decision, why not support them? and welcome our the new administrator. We trust, with his years of experience, he will make the right decisions in regard to the education of children and fiscal policy. Let's start off on the right note!
Bayport Mom June 11, 2012 at 08:02 PM
Yeah, instead of bashing the Board, how about a "good job". I guess you didn't note the fact that both new interim employees won't be recieving any benifits, which will be a huge savings to the district. Not to mention that Miriam Flynn is working on an as needed basis,not as a full time employee. I think the board has listened to voters for once and saved us some money!
Vito June 11, 2012 at 08:37 PM
Not sure where I bashed the board, or what districts have been finding their candidates via nationwide searches. Seems to me they just shuffle them around every few years. I have lived in a several towns on Long Island over my years and never once has a district I lived in hired someone from out of the area or who wasn't either a principal or superintendent at another LI district. Maybe my observations differ from yours, but it seems to me most districts in this area are just doing okay. If you were shareholder in a company that was barely breaking even year after year, and the CEO left, would you want them to hire another mid level performer or maybe think outside the box. Our district in its entirety is smaller than many high schools. We don't necessarily need a "proven" superintendent as that is no guarantee that good things will follow. As I wrote, I am hoping the search for a permanent successor isn't just a re-hash of something someone else already tried.
Sam S. June 12, 2012 at 12:57 AM
This absolutely ludicrous and insulting, Suffolk County is over $560.million deficit Islip Town is over $26.million deficit, And the newly elected board of education members should be ashamed of them selves there real first test of fiscal responsibility they go ahead and hires these two individuals at $1,025. Per day and another at $700. per day how insulting to the tax payer of Bayport Blue point school district, What the hell was the rush to fill these positions, You really don’t believe the school district couldn’t operate with out these position being immediately filled, If so then you really are out of touch on what’s going on economically, go to trulia see how many new foreclosures are up just in Bayport, and as the benefit issue, that these individuals aren’t taking, well guess what that’s because you are already paying for it in there retirement package, The solution is to recruit a professional in a realistic salary, If any one thinks that a school superintendent deserves or is entitle to make more then a Governor or a County executive which hold thousands times the response abilities then you again are out of touch, this is whats destroying Long Island.
noelfeustel June 12, 2012 at 02:12 AM
Sam--- Please be patient, the May 15th elected slate of BOE candidates-- Campbell, Milligan and Lynch-- do not yet hold office. This was an interim hiring decision by a lame duck board of which they had no role or vote. Our three newcomer Trustees will be sworn in on July 3rd at the High School auditorium at 7 p.m., please attend and make your suggestions to them on this and other school issues. They will listen. You will also hear their own perspective viewpoints on this matter at that meeting. The trio's impressive victory over incumbency makes it certain that divergent thinking will be the norm instead of exception, at least by 3 of the 7 members of the newly comprised BBP BOE starting in July. You are however very correct in your thoughts on the economy. The Federal Reserve reported today that American's between 2007 and 2010 have lost 40% of their net worth due to this still afraid to be called economic "depression", which has so negatively impacted our community.
Sam S. June 12, 2012 at 02:54 AM
Thank You Noelfeustel for informing me of the newly elected board members not being sworn in just yet, I do apologize for my comments regarding the in coming board, But they as a newly elected slate, should be on top of these issues and out front furious and contesting any new employment , and or spending until they are installed , and can review the current boards motions and spending, (Its called Transition) and what the current board should be truly doing FOR THE BEST INTEREST OF THE COMMUNITY is working with the newly elected board AND NOT TRYING TO PUSH NEW HIREES OR SPENDING THRUE prior to there departure of there positions. Hiring and spending at this time is really reckless . Newly elected board member stand up against this, there is a reason why 3 board members were voted out. Noelfeustel, look how many abandon store fronts, corporate company’s relocating out of State, devastating County layoffs, this is serious times, and paying those interim salary’s just unacceptable period.. Report last week on major net work reported 3.5 million relocated from New York in the past 10 years, 650 thousand in the past 2 year, let me better equate those numbers, It would be like every living person leaving long island Nassau and Suffolk and then add half of Queens, if that isn’t frightening statistics I don’t know what is then.
Eliza Kay June 12, 2012 at 11:25 AM
Well then you havent been paying attention. Not only are these positions advertised nationwide, ...but some districts require candidates of these top jobs to live within a certain distance from the district. (Let me preface that statement with...i have no idea what the requirements of bbp position's are. This criteria is typical.). Some people like to compare public education to the corporate profit making machines of our country. Certainly, the first thing a CEO would do to rein in costs is to consolidate ventures (aka districts). Think of the costs saved when slates of administrators are combined into one? economy and efficiency...corporate merger anyone? I myself, like the home town school, but thats just me.
Eliza Kay June 12, 2012 at 11:44 AM
Funny, but it seems to me, that every recession since Regan was cut off at the knees by the hiring of government workers. Yup, teachers, policeman, fire-fighters, doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc.... You might not agree with this but once people are working, people are buying, store fronts are not empty, construction is booming, and deficits are subsequently reduced. In general, life is good.....for everyone. So rein in the salaries, the pensions as you see fit....Heaven forbid we give anyone a good retirement for a life-time of work?? As taxpayers, fiscal responsibility is key to healthy and sustainable growth, but do a little research and look at how all our leaders both Red and Blue overcame recessionary trends. And again, welcome our new team. Their challenges are monumental.
Sam S. June 12, 2012 at 04:15 PM
Wow Eliza, you truly are delusional and out of touch on what’s going on not only in our school districts, but in Suffolk county, New York and nationally, No one is not saying not to hire, the question at hand is $1,025. salary per day justified, and if you can justify that a PUBLIC school superintendent, should make more salary then a Governor of State, a County Executive, or a large city Mayor, please I’m listening and awaiting your explanation, By the way the President of the United States makes $400, thousand, there are many, many Superintendents on long island that there salary's that either exceed or are damn close to that of what the President makes, please Eliza Justify that one for me, that one is just to mind boggling, As far as your comments on rein in salary's that’s exactly what taxpayers are asking for and what people are demanding these outrageous salary's and severance packages need to end. And Eliza respectfully you are completely all over the place, not sure of where you stand, at one point you want us to commend board members that have been voted out of office, for hiring a interim superintendent at $1,025. PER DAY, whom is already collecting a pretty damn good PUBLIC retirement at approximately $140 to $150. thousand per year plus full medical benefits equaling approximately another $30 thousand All paid for by Taxpayers,
Sam S. June 12, 2012 at 04:16 PM
, and your new blog says to rein in these salary’s, What is it ?, you then say heavens forbid we give anyone a good retirement for a life time of work, Hmm non public sector you have to contribute to your own future retirement plan, as a matter of fact do to this horrible economy many have stopped contributing to those future retirement plans because people can no longer afford it, go speak to a insurance broker ask how many have dropped life issuance policy’s because they cant afford it, and in my closing cause i can go on and on, and you are just to confusing on your stance, as your words “fiscal responsibility is a healthy sustainable growth“, GUESS what $1,025. per day for a PUBLIC employee is NOT fiscally responsible. ALL NEWLY CONTRACTS AND NEWLY SPENDING SHOULD BE SHARED WITH THE NEW BOARD MEMBERS COMING INTO OFFICE THATS RESPOSIBILITY SPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE RESPOSIBLE TO TAXPAYERS..
Sam S. June 12, 2012 at 04:20 PM
Thank you to the Editor Judy Mott for reporting these issues, And keeping the community informed.
Blue Point Family June 12, 2012 at 08:54 PM
Sam S., please visit bbp-action.org and you can watch the last board meeting. The agenda left off the name of the interim superintendent even though the board voted unanimously for him. You will watch how three times members of the audience asked for information about this new hire. At the end you will see the board president asking for a motion to end the meeting before announcing his salary. Listen to his sarcastic response when he finally gives it. $1,025 a day, half his guaranteed contract takes place during the summer.
Sarah June 12, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Long Island school boards seem to think that in order to get quality administrators you have to offer these outrageously inflated salaries. WHY???? Why do we have to offer interim administrators well over $200,000 a year when they are already getting a pension with full benefits. (they tell us they are saving us money by not taking the health benefits) Yes,THEY have benefits, when some other full time school employees don't have ANY . (Aides & Assistants @BBP). It is time for the school boards to stand up and say enough is enough. If these inflated salaries are not offered, are these positions really going to go unfilled. HIGHLY UNLIKELY!!!! Dr. Annunziato has said that there are not enough people to fill these administrative positions and that if a cap is put on their salaries in NY that many will leave the state. This is why LI schools should consolidate now. If there are less positions available I'm sure people would be willing to work for less money with more competition in the field. School Boards need to wake up and set the tone for the new economic reality or Long Island is not going to survive!!
Vito June 12, 2012 at 10:01 PM
I would contend you may be the one not paying attention. They may very well be doing...or claim to be doing a nationwide search, but as I already wrote, I have never seen even one instance of a superintendent being hired from out of the area. I personally know a gentleman who was the superintendent in 3 area districts and an interim super in at least three others. I would welcome your showing me cases where the choices didn't come from what seems to be the same small pool. I think we also differ on the whole "hometown school" concept as well. A system where someone can draw a pension and lifetime benefits while still doing the same exact job in a neighboring town is flawed. Some are drawing such pensions in more than one district!
Sam S. June 13, 2012 at 05:58 AM
Blue Point Family , Thank you for sharing the information on the past school board meeting. I did have a chance to review the video, I am not an attorney but sure looks like legal issues are at hand, one the oath an elected board member swears to and there fiduciary trust to the taxpayer of the district should be reviewed, the negligence of unanswered question from taxpayer also look to be a legal issue also, but again need to read through the oath a board member swear to, the newly elected board members should be looking into filing injunctions or some sought of legal action, this is out and out arrogance of the current board.
Steven Feldini June 13, 2012 at 01:31 PM
Totally off topic but does anybody know what the deal is with the old guy in the wheelchair with the ipad who hangs out in front of CVS all day? I have seen the police talking to him on 3 separate occasions and I don't get a good feeling about him.
Yvonne Kleine June 16, 2012 at 10:33 PM
Aside from the fact that the song is "Taps" and the note is a sour one indeed, this is like saying " I'm so glad that I only got a sharp pointed stick poked in one of my eyes instead of two!" Actually, it's the outgoing board's not so subtle way of giving us all the financial finger in the eye. What was the big rush? It's outrageous that this man demanded more than the $800.00 per diem he receives from Three Village from our Squanderer in Chief, Mr. March and his ousted minions. They should have laughed in his face. Instead, they caved to his demands. How much longer must we suffer the insufferable?


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