Academy Youngsters Journey Back in Time

The elementary students participated in a unique workshop on Native Americans history.

As a kickoff to their study on the first Americans, fourth-grade students at Academy Street Elementary School had an opportunity to learn about Native Americans during a hands-on workshop. The program, Journey into Native American Territory, brought the history and lives of the Eastern Woodlands people into the classroom through visual presentations and group activities.

Students began the day of exploration by watching a video about Native Americans and crafting clay pots using traditional techniques and materials. Following the art project, the students visited a museum of artifacts that included animal pelts, musical instruments, traditional clothing, athletic equipment and hunting tools. They also each took a turn grounding corn, touring a replica longhouse and playing the games of Native American children, which encouraged teamwork and honed survival skills.

Before concluding the day, the fourth-graders had the chance to take part in a simulated election activity that reinforced the lessons they learned throughout the day.



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