Wildlife Organization Plans Rally To Fight Holtsville Ecology Center Closing

Brookhaven Wildlife Center asks community to wear blue as a sign of solidarity.

Amid Brookhaven Town's proposed budget plan to shutter the Holtsville Ecology Park and Zoo, the Brookhaven Wildlife Center has organized a rally to keep the site open.

Billed as the "Rally to Save the Ecology Site," the gathering will take place on Sunday, Sept. 30 at noon at the ecology site near the playground.

"The support the community has given so far has been tremendous, and the turnout at this rally will be crucial in continuing our efforts to keep the site open. We ask that everyone wear blue to show our solidarity," the nonprofit organization stated in its invitation.

Wildlife Center board members and community leaders are slated to speak at the event. Although invited, elected officials will not be taking the podium. Organizers are asking everyone that plans to attend to wear blue to show support.

Last week the Brookhaven Wildlife Center launched an online petition and Facebook campaign to save the Holtsville Ecology Center after it was revealed that the town board is entertaining the possibility of closing the site to save what it claims is $900,000 in annual expenses to operate it.

Scotty September 27, 2012 at 07:15 PM
The 'Town' trying to save money is one thing--but suddenly deciding to put the Ecology Center on the chopping block without so much as a HINT to the residents of Brookhaven who have loved this center for 3 decades is a pathetic under-handed power play--and a distinct slap at the Highway Department. WE the people of Brookhaven love this beautiful place enough to share it with other areas--in fact what fun would it be if the rest of Suffolk or folks from Nassau did NOT come out to enjoy this jewel we have right here? Wasn't that the whole idea--to encourage visitors? Now this particularly short-sighted group have the temerity to use this as a reason against its staying open? Talk about convoluted reasoning! IF there is to be an established fee paid --and it should be very small not to discourage visitors/perhaps no more than $4.00 per vehicle? -- otherwise you'll sound the death knell of this wonderful place, the funds MUST go for the upkeep of the animals, vet care and onsite improvements. Absolutely agree with Debbie K on this: the Town cannot have ANY hand in or control of the monies collected. the independence of Holtsville Ecology FROM the Town should be paramount. To Pazi--it's a blatant lie --the 'almost a million dollars'. The realistic figure is somewhere between $140,000 - $200,000 per annum. That's EASILY made up with charging a nominal fee to visitors/site users. Fundraisers can make up the short-fall, but get it out of the hands of this town board pronto!
Arlene Lamberti September 27, 2012 at 08:35 PM
Yes yes yes I certainly agree there ... Make no mistake we the people will fight for this all the way... Be there in blue on the 30th
Scotty September 28, 2012 at 03:31 AM
@Arlene--I sure hope to be, and thanks for the reminder. :) Don't get around all that easily anymore, depends on the weather and a few other factors --but if ~I~ can't actually be there physically I might send my husband on his own to take photos/videos. I'm spreading the news far and wide--hoping you get a great turn-out. I'm still appalled and upset by the way they tried to simply do away with the Ecology site without any of us really finding out about it--the animals would have been spirited away without any publicity. I'm SO glad we now have an on-line source such as Patchogue Patch to keep us apprised of the developments.
Dagny Gallo September 30, 2012 at 04:00 PM
I agree with everyone's statements. This is absolute b.s. The up keep and maintenance of this park is already paid for with our taxes!!! Leave the park and it's animals alone.
nmfd72 October 23, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Think real hard about your question. What do you think the town will do with the property? Remember it was the original town DUMP before they turned it into a park!


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