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Town Plow Stuck on Washington Street in Sayville

Snow removal truck can't get seem to get back on track after a few hours of being stuck.

If you're heading to Washington Avenue in Sayville beware: a town snow plow has been stuck on the street for a few hours and despite residents' help it doesn't seem to be getting back to plowing soon.

As this photo shows the plow has gotten wedged sideways and got stuck about 1 p.m. and is still stuck as of 3:30 p.m.

Judisea February 11, 2013 at 02:07 AM
Wow! a town of Islip truck that was actually working! I have seen scores of their trucks driving around BLADES UP, full of sand, not sanding. Please explain that.
Bill Mullady February 13, 2013 at 01:16 PM
People that are complaining about the job that the Town of Islip did on the recent noreaster snowstorm dont have a clue about plowing conditions and different types of snowfall. I personally plowed snow for many years. The snow that we had with this storm was a combination of rain, sleet , hail and snow, which left about a four to six inch layer of ice under the snow on the top. These conditions made it very difficult for the regular four wheel drive pick up trucks to push this extremely heavy snowfall, especially when it was falling at the rate of several inches an hour. For the small crew that the Town of Islip has as compared to the crew they had a decade ago, I think they did a fabulous job on the majority of the roads in the town. The workers also had to deal with all the idiots that left their cars in the road, in violation of Town of Islip snow emergency law. The next time we have a snow emergency, the town should send out the Department of Special Services to put summonses on every single car left in the street. People just "Dont Get It", they know how to complain, but they sure dont know how to comply. I would personally like to commend the Town of Islip for doing a great job for the horrendous conditions that existed during this storm. As far as Judisea is concerned, the trucks that she saw with the plows up, full of sand and not plowing, did she ever think that these men plowed snow for over thirty hours straight, with no sleep and maybe they were going for coffee.


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