Town of Islip Completes Draft Plan to Increase Parking in Sayville

Town is considering limiting Main Street parking to two hours and revamping parking lots.

Parking has been an ongoing problem in Sayville and something that has been discussed by the Chamber of Commerce and now the town.  The Town of Islip Planning Commission recently finished a draft plan with suggestions for addressing Sayville's parking problems.

The recommendations include limiting parking on Main Street to two hours, which is controversial as some store owners would no longer be able to park near their stores. The plan also calls for revamping some of the town's parking lots so that they fit more cars.  

The town has also proposed moving some dumpsters currently placed in parking lots to increase parking and funding "eye-catching" signs that point shoppers to different lots.

"Parking is not the no-brainer it seems," said Eugene Murphy, the town's planning commissioner. "People feel very strongly about having parking close to the stores."

Murphy said that he will meet with the town board and the Sayville Chamber of Commerce to solicit feedback on the plan in September.

"We're not looking to just sit on this," he said. "We want to vet people's concerns."  

Chamber president Richard Trpicovsky said that the chamber has short and long term goals in regard to parking. "Long term, we want to create improved parking making it as easy as possible for customers to shop. We are looking to improve handicap access and wrap it all up in an attractive package," he said.

Trpicovsky said that the chamber is working with the town to accomplish their goals. "Phase one is a parking study that will indicate if we need to create any timed parking areas where they should be as well as duration. This study is nearly complete and will be discussed at a future chamber meeting. Again our primary goal is to create a safe and convenient environment to shop."

Other Changes

At a recent Town of Islip board meeting, the council also approved several new parking restrictions for Sayville and West Sayville. 

A new four-way stop will be added to the intersection at Seville Boulevard and Versa Place in Sayville. A stop sign will also be added to Chester Road at North Third Street.

Parking will be limited to two hours on a portion of Main Street in West Sayville between West Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. It will be limited to 15 minutes from 80 feet west of Atlantic Avenue to the end of the block.

A 'no parking' restriction will be added to Budenos Drive, from 80 feet north of Versa Place to the end of the block. The restriction will continue onto Versa Place and down the road to the east for 70 ft.

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