Talk Back: What's Your Reaction to the Gas Price Spike

Literally gas prices spiked over 10 cents in the past week. Patch wants to know your feedback.

Patch drives around town alot. And literally, from one afternoon to an evening we saw gas prices jump from about $3.99 at Hess to nearly $4.15 at another Bayport station and then Hess following suit the next day.

And yet no public protests, or outcry for a 'no gas day' or grassroots push back at the pump.

What's your take on the recent spike in price? Do you think it's election related or just the Middle East sending a message or a clear indication that the U.S. has to get its act together on solar and non-oil technologies?

Take the poll and comment below and we'll tally up feedback early next week.

Frank Nash September 13, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Nothing we can do but gripe. Our elected officials should either regulate pricing or put some money into public transportation. I live in suffolk county and work in nassau. There's no way to get to work except driving 70 miles a day for me. That equates to $20/day and it's not considered a business expense. Paying DMV extra for registration in a MTA covered area rubs salt into the wound.
patricia pausewang September 13, 2012 at 06:18 PM
I work from home and have learned to only use the car when i really have to. Saving $s and getting healthy all at the same time. Loving the cooler days recently makes it so much nicer to get out and walk.


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