Local Assemblyman: Gov's Address Fails on Tax Relief, Ignores LI Taxpayers

Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino expresses disappointment on State of the State address.

This is an Op-Ed by Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino. 

I am pleased that Gov. Cuomo agrees that our property taxes are far too inflated, but his proposals are temporary fixes that will do nothing but delay the inevitable increases to our property taxes. 

What we really need is effective mandate relief for our struggling localities and a long-term plan to reduce the tax burden. Many residents here in Suffolk County are being priced out of the homes they have worked their life to live in and its time that we address our exorbitant state income and property taxes.

The fact that this governor has continuously used Long Island as a “piggy bank” to fund NYC and the rest of the state is egregious enough, but to again completely ignore the hardworking families on Long Island in his vision outlined during the State of the State is deplorable.

There were some proposals I strongly support, including stricter penalties for repeat drunk drivers and the disabled veteran’s business incentives but overall this seemed to be nothing more than a campaign speech at a time when our state needs strong leadership and ideas.


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