King, Cuomo Discuss Sandy, Guns

Congressman fills in for popular radio host and discusses issues of the day with New York's Governor.

They're two major figures from opposing parties, but Rep. Peter King, a Republican, and Gov. Cuomo Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, spent a few minutes Friday talking about what unites New York politicians.

King, R-Seaford, filled in for longtime WOR-Radio host John Gambling and invited the governor to talk about gun legislation and Hurricane Sandy aid on the morning talk show.

"This week has really been an historic week for New York and Gov. Cuomo has been at the helm," King said. "The historic assault weapons ban signed on Monday, and then Congress passed the $60 billion relief aid for Superstorm Sandy victims.

King has been outspoken in Washington on Sandy relief and blasted his party's leadership, including House Speaker John Boehner, when a vote on the full Sandy aid package was not brought to the House floor.

Although he made up with Boehner once the vote was scheduled, King told Cuomo he still has anger towards colleagues who voted against the package, particularly lawmakers from states that have received aid following other disasters.

"I just found it disgraceful," he said. "And quite frankly, it's going to be difficult going back and working with people who you sit next to and whenever they were were in need, we responded immediately. Not one member of Congress ever voted against or said one word against aid going to other states, when the money was needed, and yet we were going around like third world beggars."

Cuomo said he'd "never seen anything like" the House's initial refusal to vote. "We shook hands and they were going to renege," he said.

King also questioned the Governor on the new gun law, telling him, "You and I are on the same page on this issue."

Cuomo said the new law was "long overdue."

"I think government has been delinquent. This was a politically difficult issue, this issue of guns, so we just didn't deal with it," he said.

The governor told King the shootings in Newtown, Conn. "galvanized this nation and galvanized this state" to act.

"I believe in the people's right to own a gun," Cuomo said. "I own a gun. Nobody has the right to take that away, that's in the Constitution. But I also believe assault weapons are not worth the risk."

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