Islip: Help Snow Removal Effort By Keeping Cars Off Roads

Residents with a problem can call the emergency operations center at 595-3595.

Islip Town officials are asking residents to keep cars off the roads Tuesday and Wednesday so plows and sanders can do a more efficient snow removal and says the town's emergency operations center has been active since it was opened mid day Tuesday.

The town, which declared a state of emergency effective at noon,  began prepping for the second blizzard of 2014 on Saturday by getting trucks ready and equipment in place, according to a town spokesperson.

Early Tuesday morning they began laying down brine on emergency routes and began salt and sand spreading at noon. 

Residents who have an issue or concern can call the town's emergency operations center at 595-3595 or 224-5600.

BB January 22, 2014 at 01:23 PM
The days of being plowed half a dozen times during each storm are over. The financial situation will never permit that again. My street was plowed twice during this storm. Can you see the blacktop? No. Is is drive-able? Yes. It just takes a little longer. I'm satisfied with the cleanup effort. Nice job!
Ed Horcrantz January 22, 2014 at 07:23 PM
There is a well connected committeewoman that lives on a dead end (tertiary road) off a heavy traveled secondary road. The dead end is down to black top and salt and sand has been spread. The heavy traveled secondary road that these plows and spreaders had to transverse is in horrible shape, No salt/sand at all. No blacktop visible, How can the Town of Islip spend so much attention to a dead end when primary and secondary streets are neglected? The primary n/s road in Sayville (Broadway) is in horrendous shape. How does this happen? If the editor would like the address of the well connnected person who lives on the dead end.... I will be more than happy to supply her with it.
BB January 22, 2014 at 09:51 PM
A dead end will be easier to keep clear due to the lack of traffic. Broadway snow is compacted by the constant flow of traffic. I don't think it's horrendous. It's easily passable if you are driving sensibly.


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