Islip Animal Shelter Sold to Developer

Town officials sell Bay Shore property for $25K; say long term benefits include job creation and additional tax revenue.

Islip officials have approved the sale of the Town's Animal Shelter to a private developer that has promised to rebuild the shelter at another location.

The Town will sell the shelter as surplus land to P&M Builders for $25,000. The building sits on 22 acres of town-owned land on Denver Avenue in Bay Shore. In 2009, the Town of Islip put out notice to buyers who might be interested in purchasing the land for commercial development. 

Under the proposed contract of sale, North Babylon-based P&M Builders will purchase the land provided that the company will be able to complete full environmental remediation of the site.

According to the resolution approved by the Town Board, the principal benefits of the agreement to the Town is remediation of the property — a job estimated to cost $25,000,000 — creation of jobs and the addition of the site to the tax rolls. 

Upon purchase, P&M will be responsible for relocating and rebuilding the Islip Town Animal Shelter. It is not clear where the new animal shelter will be built. 

The sale is the latest in a series of surplus land sold by Islip in an effort to bring in more revenue to tackle its fiscal problems. Early this month the Town approved the sale of 275 Carlton Avenue in Central Islip to West Rac Contracting Corporation for $3.59 million.

In July 2012, Islip officials sold an empty lot in Islandia to Pinewood Development Company for $503,100. This was followed by the sale of an aging Department of Public Works facility in East Islip for $3.2 million.

Mark D West February 01, 2013 at 12:56 AM
Bergin thinks she is Sarah Palin selling the Governors Jet on EBAY. Instead of Real Estate companies bidding lower commissions, Trish allowed one favored company to handle all transactions with the buyers paying the commission. The problem is three fold. First, this bypasses the bidding process shutting out all other Realtor's. Second, the Realtor now works for the one paying them in this scheme the buyer and not the town. Third, the commission ends up coming out of the sale price anyway so there is no savings to the town. If a house is for sale and the owner wants 100K for themselves and knows his Realtor wants 6% commission the seller will insist on a sale price of 106K. Likewise in this scheme, if the buyer feels the proerty is only worth 100K and knows he has to pay the 6% commission he will only offer 94K for the property. Shifting the commission from the seller to the buyers nets no extra income to the seller. Better the town opened up bidding to the Realtor who would handle these sales at the lowest rate of commission. Palin lost the state a bundle on that EBAY Jet sale and Bergin is losing Islip taxpayers on her armature real estate transactions as well.
Ultimate Conservative February 01, 2013 at 11:31 AM
Just a question, what will the Town do with the current animals and where will new found/abandoned animals go while the Animal Shelter is closed . How much will that cost the residents of the town?
Mark D West February 02, 2013 at 01:44 AM
Your asking the town board who just passed the largest property tax increase in Islip Town history to care about the cost to residents from closing the Animal Shelter. They will probably just pass another round of tax increases to foot that bill.


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