Incumbent BBP Trustee To Seek New Term

Jane Burgess is seeking re-election for the Bayport-Blue Point School board.

Bayport resident Jane Burgess, an incumbent Bayport-Blue Point Board of Education trustee, will seek re-election this year in what is quickly becoming a hotly contested race.

"I am running cause I still love it," she told Patch in an email. "But also to help with the team making the transition to new superintendent and to keep the schools moving in a positive forward path to improvement."

Burgess joins fellow incumbent Andrea O'Neill who announced earlier this week she's aiming for another term as well.

The third seat up for grabs is the trustee seat of Kathleen Heinlein. Patch has not yet been able to reach Heinlein for comment on her election decision.

Four newcomers are vying for board seats as well this year. Stay tuned to Patch for profiles of candidates, budget overview and a look at two ballot referendums.

dan pichney April 26, 2012 at 12:14 PM
PS Below is the text of the Suffolk News Editorial. It is not the opinion of one person, but the opinion of the newspaper's editiorial board after they investigated the events in question. PUBLIC DECORUM A trustee who serves on a board of education for any particular school district has been elected to that position in the hope that they'd represent the best interests of the taxpayers and especially the children, whose education in many ways is dependent upon their decisions. In that sense, just as with all elected officials, these individuals are held to a higher standard as role models in their community. Last week, during a Bayport-Blue Point Board of Education meeting, it was reported that one of the trustees had used a profanity on a Facebook page, which is an online forum that could possibly be viewed by both adults and children. The accusation was not denied. That behavior is something that should never be tolerated, despite whatever frustrations might have incited it. The trustee, Jane Burgess, should try to redeem her role model status by doing the right thing and resign.
Judy Mottl April 26, 2012 at 12:22 PM
Hi Everyone, as this thread is a combination of BOE issues and the debate over healthcare benefits for teacher aides and assistants, I created a new thread with a poll on the healthcare topic per a request from a reader in this thread: http://patch.com/A-sKht So please take a minute and vote and use that story link for that topic feedback. I'll compile results early next week.
Michelle Rose April 26, 2012 at 12:24 PM
Silly that is one persons editorial. You really don't see that? That is not objective writing it is subjective!!!!
jane April 26, 2012 at 12:26 PM
the best way i can explain this lack of trust or communication is this.. Lets say you see a movie, and your friend asks you about the movie. In detail. now you have to explain the movie without giving names or actors, or plots because its illegal. And then expect them to know what is going on. The BOE is a system to protect EVERYONE and to make the decisions that the community as a whole would like. To hire the correct professionals to do their jobs and be held accountable for those jobs. This school commnuity has gone soooo far in such a short amount of time in the last few years. We have always had great teachers and staff but until we saw what was out there and how things could be done we never knew what we missed. its like getting the Iphone after having a wall phone. There was so much to learn and do to get everyone together. Its not easy the changes that have taken place. I am sorry that you felt we over paid. We are one of the few schools who use merit pay to admin. when they attain the goals and after reveiws they get their rasie. some did , and some didnt. Some did and refused to take it. We are not arrogant strangers. i will admit I have lost my composure towards some of the negitive nellys. But they have not seen how far we have come and continue to spread negitive ideas that there is something wrong. When after hours of talking and explaining and then in public they say something totaly different. thats just not right! its ok to not agree.
Sandi April 26, 2012 at 09:15 PM
Jane, no superintendent is worth $300,000 a year! I wish there was a cap on their salaries across the board in every district. Also, there is a superintendent for business and curriculum, why? Let Annunizato earn his big salary and do it all. I've been in this district for over 40 years and we never had all these superintendents. Overkill, and we the taxpayers pay the price, let our taxes go directly to the students welfare, not these peoples pockets!


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