Brookhaven Wildlife Center Statement on Possible Ecology Site Closure

Non-profit group that supports animals at the site calls for residents to rally to keep park open.

The board of the Brookhaven Wildlife Center, a non-profit organization that supports the animals living at the Holtsville Ecology Site released the below statement Friday following an emergency meeting regarding the potential closing of the site. 

First and foremost, thank you to all those who attended last night's Town Board meeting. Your voice and your presence there sent a clear message - LEAVE THE HOLTSVILLE ECOLOGY SITE OPEN!!!! 

Last night, our not-for-profit board held its monthly meeting to discuss next steps, and we also met with both candidates for Town Supervisor to see where they stood on keeping the ecology site open. We want to thank both Brian Beedenbender and Ed Romaine for taking the time to sit and share their views with us. Both candidates agreed to issue statements to us that we can post on our site, so all of our supporters can see where they stand on this issue. We hope to have those statements posted by the end of the weekend. 

It is important to clear up some of the misinformation that has been put out there by town hall. They claim that closing the ecology site will save $900,000. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Town Highway employees just had a new contract ratified last week. The workers agreed to concessions that will save the town $1.8 million next year alone. There is a no layoff clause in that contract. Town Hall cannot claim savings on labor costs they legally cannot cut. The real amount they would "save" is closer to $200,000. We ask that Town Hall be honest and stick to the facts. 

All of the calls and e-mails to town hall have been having a tremendous effect. The huge numbers of people "liking" the Facebook pages out there are sending a message. KEEP IT UP!! Continue to send e-mails and continue to call. WE CANNOT LET UP UNTIL WE HAVE A BUDGET AMENDMENT THAT CALLS FOR THE FULL FUNDING OF THE ECOLOGY SITE. 

We are in the process of getting permits for a rally to support the site on September 30th. We will be putting the specifics up on our website and facebook page very shortly. We need all the support we can in order to save the ecology site and a huge turnout will send a tremendous message. SAVE THE DATE!! 

At our rally and at town board meetings, to show solidarity for our cause, we ask that everyone wear blue so we know who each other are!!!!! If you don't have a blue shirt, we have shirts that we are selling to help raise money to take care of the animals. We do fundraising year-round to raise money to provide the feed and veterinary care for all the animals at the site. Everything we raise goes back into the fund for animal care to help keep the cost to taxpayers down. 

The Holtsville Ecology Site means so much to so many people. We know it. Let's make sure town hall knows it. The way in which the community is rallying together to make a real difference is awe inspiring. Your support is our motivation. Everyone involved has something to really be proud of. On behalf of our board, our volunteers, the workers and the animals - THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING!!!!!"

Ben Vitale September 21, 2012 at 10:39 PM
Any jerk can close a facility if it is not making money; are we paying our politicians to make "no brainier decisions?" If the Ecology Center is not making enough money, our politicians should be working on a solution. We should consider "Business Experience" as a requirement to our political positions. If our political leaders are too numb to understand the significance of 15,000 signature; maybe they do not deserve to hold political office.
betsy smith September 22, 2012 at 02:48 PM
Somebody was going to make some money off that site. Maybe they already have. Tshirts for sale is a great idea. There should be many more products for people to buy to support the Wildlife Center and the maintenance of the the pool and bike trails and playground.
Jackie September 22, 2012 at 03:01 PM
I go to the center almost daily for exercise or simply a sanctuary from every day business. There are always many people enjoying all it has to offer. It is one of the few "beautiful" places in our neighborhood. Perhaps our elected officials should start finding ways to cut costs that don't interfere with our basic quality of life.
Scotty September 24, 2012 at 10:41 PM
These 'brainiacs' currently running the 'town' --I love how they refer to themselves as the Town--when WE are the town and they are merely a handful of bureaucrats on the board who can't seem to think their way out of a paper bag--had already made this decision without even THINKING to consult with the residents of Brookhaven or the surrounding areas as to whether or not closing down such a vital part of our Community would be acceptable or not! Frankly, how dare they?! Petty officials such as these are elected to do the WILL of the people they're there to represent, not ride roughshod over the rights and needs of those who elected them. Did they spare a moment to consider ASKING US if we would remotely wish this wonderful center to be removed from our lives? Where IS this 'study' which proves that primarily out of area residents visit the Park more than Brookhaven residents? I want to see it. And even if true, so what? I don't mind my tax dollars supporting it. I also want this put as a referendum to the people of Brookhaven and not decided behind closed doors/shoved into a budget somewhere as a fait accompli without so much as a by your leave. These are typical of the actions of Rulers or Kings--not remotely close to how a democracy works. Just who might be waiting in the wings with plans to build on the Ecology site if they're willing to allocate $50,000 to transfer 'immediately' the animals living there? Something STINKS big time--and it sure isn't the former landfill.
kaitlyn andersen September 26, 2012 at 12:47 AM
closing the site is going to create more damage than good. It's ridiculous to think that the "town" would close it i think that the ACTUAL town should vote on it and not some people from the town board. This site makes people happy. The "town" is trying to make money out of this but there not seeing the big picture. there will be disrupt people. The are hurting our community not helping it!


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