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Brookhaven Highway Dept Says It's Poised To Deal With Storm

Town trucks have begun to sand and salt the roads, will transition to plowing later in the day.

The Town of Brookhaven Highway Department has already begun to sand and salt the town's major arteries and is prepared to roll out its new fleet of equipment, according to a department spokesman.

Frank Petrignani, the highway department's communications director, said trucks began sanding and salting early this morning, but that the department anticipates transitioning to plowing and snow removal operations later in the day. This winter the department will have extra help thanks to some newly acquired heavy-duty trucks that will be dispersed throughout the town's four designated zones.

Petrignani also said the department is using its new interactive color map, which indicates sections of the town that need work and when that work is completed. The system regularly updates in real time and gives the department's central nerve system an indication of where plowing is needed. 

"For example, right now in East Brookhaven we have six work orders," Petrignani said. "When they're completed the colors on those orders change. But we also know about hot spots where we can deploy extra resources to those areas. We can also track problem areas in the town. We can put that work order in and it immediately pops up on the map and deploys resources to that area."

Meanwhile, Petrignani said the town is still accepting applications for private citizens with plows who would like to enter into a contract for plowing and removal. Anyone interested in applying can find out more by calling (631) 451-9200.

As for Brookhaven residents, Petrignani is asking residents to cooperate with the department's operations throughout the storm by remaining off the roads and by parking vehicles in driveways to keep the residential roads clear. 

"It's easier for our highway and emergency services to operate the less amount of cars there are on the roadways," Petrignani said. "And if residents could park their cars in their driveways that certainly helps with our plowing operation."


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