8th District Legislator Contenders More Alike Than Different

Democrat William Lindsay and Republican Anthony Musumeci have similar backgrounds, lifestyles and no political office experience.

Anthony Musumeci. Photo by Judy Mottl/Patch.
Anthony Musumeci. Photo by Judy Mottl/Patch.

At initial glance it may appear Democrat William Lindsay and Republican Anthony Musumeci, contenders for the 8th district legislative seat long held by Lindsay’s father, Bill, until his passing in September, don’t have much in common.

Yet dig a little deeper and the two candidates actually may have more in common than differences.

Both are taking their first stab at a political office.

Both have worked in the private sector, though Musumeci has served as a member of the Town of Islip Planning Board since 2012. Lindsay works as regional vice president for Capacity Coverage, an insurance brokerage. Musumeci is the manager of Program Services/Engineering at Emtec.

Both grew up on the south shore; love boating, the beaches and promise to make sure the Great South Bay remains a clean viable waterway.

Both are married with two children and live in Bohemia. Musumeci, 36, grew up in Sayville while Lindsay, 41, grew up in Holbrook.

Both are members of local chamber groups and civic associations. Lindsay had served as a Melville chamber vice president for seven years before resigning to run for office.

And both are not mud-slinging fiery political personalities. At a recent Bayport Civic Association Meet the Candidate event the candidates squared off on a number of local issues in a very similar low-key speaking style.

On the political issues front, both promise to help residents enjoy a high quality of life while keeping taxes down.

They both say they’re wary of the impact of big box stores and proposed retail developments on small downtown business areas such as Sayville. 

Lindsay is vehemently against one such project, the Serotta Islip Pines proposal. Musumeci, due to his role on the town planning board, is not permitted to comment or voice an opinion on the project but said as a local resident he “has concerns” about such developments.

“I do have grave concerns about traffic and this project is going to require a lot of thought and input from the community,” said Musumeci.

Lindsay’s view is a bit more strident as he’s completely against the project citing that it would be too much of a burden for local fire department resources to handle and would create too much traffic.

“We’ve already got plenty of vacant shops for business. The last thing we need to do is add to that,” he said.

Both want greater transparency in the legislature’s budget process though Lindsay says Musumeci’s quest to open up the budget decision process beyond a handpicked eight-member panel of legislators won’t make a big difference.

“Just changing that process won’t solve the issue,” he said.

The two contenders are also concerned about increasing taxes which are forcing young residents to leave, as well as empty nesters, and which are hurting downtown store rental activity.

“I want to preserve the communities we have,” Musumeci told the civic group audience.

Lindsay spoke mostly of his father’s legacy and his intention to continue his father’s efforts.

“I’m running because I’ve seen the positive effect he had and want to keep that going,” he said.

The 8th district encompasses south shore communities between Great River on the west to Blue Point line on the east and north from Sayville and Bayport into Holbrook and Ronkonkoma.

Ed Horcrantz October 23, 2013 at 06:01 PM
Similar? I don't think so. Musamuci accepted thousands of dollars from developers who have or will eventually appear before the town planning board. This is unacceptable for a sitting voting member of the planning board. These Friends of Musamuci will appear before that board and ask for changes. I am not saying he's in their pocket....but their money certainly is. How many other planning board members have received donations? It is unethical and immoral in my opinion. He should give the money back.
Keith Steady October 23, 2013 at 08:10 PM
Muscemeci's father put him on the planning board to do his dirty work as a planner and engineer himself. If Lindsay is half the man his father was, we will be in good hands. I'm voting for Bill and voting Row down the line. Time to get people with integrity elected for Sayville and the Town of Islip.
c faulkner October 24, 2013 at 07:57 AM
Good morning. A nice article. It is good to see a positive article. Hmmm!!! Seems to me that when the Dems were in control of Islip they had their problems also. Folks, it is about individuals going bad on all sides of the political spectrum. For most elected officials out there I would not give you two cents. I do apologize to the honest ones. Seems to me that two good people are running for this office for the right reasons, to help the tax paying people in our community and do the right things for the right reasons. I can't the same for the political partys sending out the hate info for our mail boxes. In my home you are wasting your money as it goes right into the garbage where it belongs. Yes, I do vote and I will vote in this election.
Yvonne Kleine October 24, 2013 at 11:33 AM
So, it's a mortal sin to have relieved us of the pestilential Attias Flea Market? I'm also tired of the political smear porn that arrives in my mailbox on a daily basis. Political office is not a hereditary divine right. Downtown Sayville will be just fine. I intend to keep shopping there as long as I live here. I will still patronize King Kullen and Stop and Shop. I am also thrilled that we are getting a TARGET, a store I absolutely love and can now shop in without driving 15 miles. There is a lot of gasbagging about "jobs", but as soon as someone does something to actually create jobs, he is vilified as being in the pocket of "Big Business". Listen, how do you think work is created? By businesses. Target may not be a lifetime career, but many people do go on and become management. What about taxes? Increasing tax revenues without raising our property taxes is a good thing, and tax abatements bring more commerce to our area. I'm just happy that the former filthy, cesspool overflowing, garbage strewing eyesore is gone, and a new, CLEAN, attractive shopping center will arise in it's place. It's funny how "Progressives" are so un-progressive.


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