And They're Off...to Sayville FD's Annual Night At The Races

More than 100 community members and family gather to support the cause.

held its annual Night At the Races fundraiser at the fire house on Saturday evening. More than 100 Sayville community members, family and friends gathered to help raise money for the Resolute Hose Company.

"We've been doing this for more than 10 years, and it's always been a success," said Wendy Liu, Public Information Officer for the Sayville Fire Department. "We had more than 100 people this year. Everyone has a great time and it's always exciting. It's a terrific opportunity to bring together our members, their families and people from within our community."

The event consisted of 10 recorded races of unknown date and location via a projector on a screen. Everyone is given a racing form and previews are shown before the races begin. The department is given a copy of the races in a sealed tape that is opened for the first time in front of the crowd.  

In addition to the races there were door prizes, a 50/50 raffle, a money wheel and a raffle for 'mummy plants,' a mum plant filled with lottery scratch-off tickets.  

A Night at the Races is always held in either October or November. Food for the evening included hot dogs, pretzels and cake served by the fire department.


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