Community Ambulance Offers Update on Collection Activities

Company reaches out to business district with news on collection efforts.

The following letter was written today to local businesses from the Community Ambulance Company.

We would like to give a special thanks to Parkville Plaza Delicatessen who donated coffee and hot chocolate for last night to the people who attended in Oakdale without essential services.  If anyone would like to donate the same for this afternoon please contact Patty Manfredonia at

We also are collecting this afternoon for the drop center at our HQ located at 146 Railroad Avenue.  If anyone has any supplies to donate please bring them over.

We will be doing the following to reach out to those without electric and services.  Suffolk County calling all the homes south on Montauk and we have ambulances and responders driving down the streets with no lights using a PA with speakers telling people to come down if they need anything.  We reached out to our partners at the Sayville Patch and Sayville.com to get the word out via media.  We also are taking advantage of social media such as Facebook, twitter and our web site at communityamb.org.

With no gas people are not transient, we are bring it all to the people.


Jamie Atkinson
Community Ambulance Company


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