Why It's Time for More Open Minds in Medicine

Dr. Raymond Royal Rife not only had a great name, he had a great brain!

This unsung and largely unknown genius was a scientist and inventor in the previous century. In the 1920s, Dr. Rife was busy in his lab in Point Loma, California, creating a microscope that had the astonishing capability of increasing the diameters of microscopy from about 2000 to 5,000 to 60,000 and to resolutions of 31,000 diameters!  

In actuality, he invented five microscopes that featured 14 lenses and prisms and a quartz crystal illumination unit for a grand total of 5,682 working parts! I am astonished at anyone who can invent such a complex and sophisticated piece of diagnostic machinery, but he didn't stop there.  

For the very first time in history, a scientist could look through the Rife Universal Microscope and study live specimens, even today's electron microscopes cannot do that. He studied over 20,000 live specimens of liver cancer, and invented the Rife Frequency Generator, a machine that treated advanced, "incurable" cancers by sending a specific electrical frequency into the tumor mass.

When Dr. Milbank Johnson, M.D. used the Generator in a study of advanced cancer patients in the 1940s, he found that of the 16 patients who were declared terminal or incurable at the start of the study, 14 were declared clinically cured by a panel of 5 M.D.s and  Dr. Alan C. Ford, a pathologist.

The machine was used for three minutes a day at three day intervals.  This was the only trial/test ever conducted on the Rife Frequency Generator. Of course, the "Cancer Establishment " of the day discredited both Dr. Rife and his machine and eventually, it was "outlawed' by the FDA. Do you wonder how many lives could have been saved, cancers destroyed, if the machine had been readily available?  

Think of the  shameful 73 years that have passed and the millions of people who could have been cured and weren't because of some intransigent, bigoted knuckleheads in the mainstream cancer treatment world. If you were told you were terminal and to go home and die, do you think you should have the right to decide if you wanted to try a treatment like the Rife Frequency Generator? I sure do.

Do you ever wonder why the "scientists" of allopathic medicine are so hell-bent on discrediting any treatment that doesn't consist of poisoning, cutting or burning out cancer? 

Shouldn't these men and women in research be more open to ideas that are not the hidebound orthodoxy of cancer treatments of the last hundred years?  Shouldn't we all work together to defeat this horrific disease? Far be it from me to suggest this might have anything to do with the billions going into trillions at stake in the research and treatment of cancer. 

That would be impossible, right? For more information on alternative cancer treatments  and doctors who use them, I suggest reading the book "An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer," by Burton Goldberg. 

It's where I learned about Dr. Rife and there are hundreds of other alternative cancer therapies  and the doctors who use them, in it's amazing pages. There are actually some medical doctors who use Dr. Rife's machine in their practices today because they know it works. I think they have a lot of courage to go against the mainstream and put their principles ahead of any penalties they might incur.

For cancer to be vanquished, I firmly believe all health care givers need to open their minds and use everything we have in our arsenal and leave the petty, political BS at the door. People's lives depend on it. 

Dr. Kleine regrets she cannot give advice by phone or e-mail.  For an appointment, call 631.472.8139 or email us at Drfootsi@myway.com.


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