The Blog Roll: Check Out These Local Voices & Chime In

The Patch blog community is active and diverse. Here's a look at this week's post.

If you haven't checked out our Local Voices, it's time to start. It's also time to join in and be heard:

What You Need to Know about Sandy's Water Damage

  • Robert Deacon

Here's what you need to know about mold, water damage and indoor air quality.

Don't Be a Slouch: Build Your Health by Improving Your Posture

Are you a slouch? Having a healthy posture is integral to your physical and mental well-being. Read here to learn more.

Resources for Small Business Available at Live-brary.com

  • Suffolk Cooperative Library System

Live-brary.com and the public libraries of Suffolk County provide resources for small business owners to build their businesses.

Long Island Reads Announces Book of the Year

  • Suffolk Cooperative Library System

Long Island Reads selects Sutton by by Long Island native J.R. Moehringer as its book of the year.

Protecting Your Business from the Next Superstorm

  • Peter Ticali

Superstorm Sandy created a living nightmare for Long Island's small businesses - $50+ billion economics losses and thousands more jobs lost. How can you protect your business from the next superstorm?

  • Andi Dier

The human impact of Obamacare and a plea to end talks of repeal.

Unearthing Hidden Treasures

  • Christina Fifield-Winn

Here's a discussion of small business, 'Suki' and Cyber Monday.


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