Talk Back: Would You Pay a Fee To Use Holtsville Ecology Center?

If it would save the park from closing, what services would you be willing to pay for?

A rally taking place Sunday by a wildlife organization is being held in an attempt to keep the Holtsville Ecology Center open, despite currently being on the list of cuts in Brookhaven Town's tentative budget.

Currently, many of the services the ecology center provides are entirely free for Town residents and non-residents alike.

If it were to save the park, would you be willing to pay an admission for its services? And if so, to what extent? Should the zoo require a fee? Or the compost section? The running track? Or perhaps entering the center? Or is the center not worth an admission fee?

Talk about your thoughts in the comments below.

Big Joe September 29, 2012 at 04:53 PM
I think they should cut the dead wood out of the Town and hire people that actually will work. Prevent people from hiding behind the safety of the Unions and actually prove their worth to a boss. In municipal work 90% of the work gets done by 10% of the people. The problem is when you work in government there is no incentive to work efficient. The work will still be there tomorrow and you are being paid by other peoples money.


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