Opinion: School Survey Misleading, Contract Negotiation Needed

An opinion piece from Miller Place School District resident Wlodek Guryn on the upcoming school budget.

(Editor's Note: The following is a letter sent to Patch from Miller Place School District resident Wlodek Guryn. The views expressed are that of Mr. Guryn's.)

By: Wlodek Guryn

There is a survey on the Miller Place School District website, which is designed to totally distract from the real issues in this budget season. I hope MPSD taxpayers and residents join me requesting that the survey is taken off the taxpayers supported MPSD website.

As an example, below is, at best, a misleading question in the survey. Many, if not all the costs listed in the question from the survey are directly or indirectly under the local Board of Education/district control, the only thing needed is opening and renegotiating of the contracts so that they are in line with what the community can afford. (The question is bolded and my comments are italicized.)

School district expenses are expected to increase next year due to
costs that are beyond the school district’s control.
• Health insurance will go up by 14%

This cost is a negotiated item, which is not mandated by the state.
Renegotiating the contracts can bring it down.

• Teacher Retirement System payments will rise by 33%

Those depend on the salaries in the district so they can be controlled by the contracts also. In addition there are provisions in the contract that allow a high payout for accrued sick balance which contribute to the high cost of the pensions.

• Employee Retirement System payments will rise by 40 percent.
• Contractual Salary increase per collective bargaining agreements

Opening of the contracts can control these and we can not afford
highly overpaid administrators.

• Cost of Fuel for transportation is expected to increase.

This is not a very big part of the cost.

• New State-required educational changes adding tens of thousands of dollars

Given the two percent property tax levy cap, do you believe that the school district can continue to provide the same level of programs and
services to students without exceeding the cap?

Yes it can be, providing that the contracts are renegotiated.

The BOE must request that the survey is taken off the MPSD web site.

Rich Arleo February 02, 2012 at 07:05 PM
As always we appreciate conversation but derogatory language will not be tolerated. Please see your Terms of Service: http://millerplace-rockypoint.patch.com/terms
DM/MP February 02, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Please address the Troll.
BillLongisland February 03, 2012 at 11:53 AM
General Facts Staff: 406 Full time teachers: 218 Pupil to teacher ratio: 15 to 1 Teacher assistants (instructional aides): 58 Instructional Coordinators: 2 Elementary Teachers: 81 Kindergarten Teachers: 7 Pre-K Teachers: 0 High School Teachers: 96 Pre-K to 12 Students: 3,111 Financial Statistics for Miller Place Union Free School District Revenue Revenue from local sources: $31,146,000 Revenue from state sources: $21,159,000 Revenue from federal sources: $1,186,000 Total revenue: $53,491,000 Expenses Expenditures on instruction: $32,940,000 Expenditures on teacher salary: $30,935,000 Expenditures on teacher benefits: $10,464,000 Expenditures per student: not available Total expenditures: $52,888,000 Breakdown of Teacher Salary Expenses Teacher salary expenses on regular education: $15,747,000 Teacher salary expenses on special education: $3,039,000 Teacher salary expenses on vocational education: $0 http://www.teachersalaryinfo.com/new-york/teacher-salary-in-miller-place-union-free-school-district/
lisa murray February 04, 2012 at 05:49 PM
Reacess sound Beach you say...sounds normal- Blame the other Guy!! would never want to be on your playing field. one gentleman said it correctly- Bad Business!! Just like most of you have made on top of the school deals...Living beyound your means,and blame the one excellent Rated school!! I am no fan of taxes - but...what changes have you made?? My school district RP had all their Administration Housed on 25A prime real estate that YES WE were paying, yes I kept complaining- Now their out aren't they and their so fine past Superintendant!! Good riddens. They need to concent trat on the Upper slackers..This day and age, teachers are not allowed to speak out..we hear how miserable at Child's sport events- Budget time at RP they use the Kids ART work to sway people....why is that allowed...ever wounder who's hand gets buttered??? I got mine buttered when they were evicted!! Moldy Trailer's for our kids- why not them... Go see a Wounderful Mother made Film, " Race To Nowhere" then you will be educated- Kids on drugs ,you don't know??? get real..Tylenol PM- thats not behind the counter...When was the last time you did something nice for any single unknown child?? Take a good look at those stupid cookie cutter houses-you really needed that 3 Car storage area?? HUMA HUMA HUMA :) :)
lisa murray February 04, 2012 at 06:02 PM
Go sit in the classrooms- see the interaction's...If a child is known to have their family reported to CPS..bruises food clothing drugs of any kind..Don't you think a Great part of these teachers would love to give a Hug?? Pathetic they are captive on the basic Love most of us were brought up on..then the sleepless nights- woundering - how is she/He....teaching does not end at five-they have to settle in with all of you on their minds...watching their backs....Money issues...well heres one Wake up each morning Mom Pop and drive your kid to school!! That solves the Bus and gas issues!! Too early not enough time you say? when it comes to saving why are you complaining again!! You never End...:) Punish the kids in" ISS".. what right do you have to your own Gatunomobay..yeah yeah spell CK. you get the point....


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