NRA School Security Proposal Gets Mixed Reaction

Some local residents don't believe armed guards at schools is best solution but others say it's the only solution.

When it comes to boosting security at schools the Sayville-Bayport-Blue Point-West Sayville communities aren't of one mind.

While many believe the proposal presented today by the National Rifle Association to put armed guards in schools is needed, others scoff at the notion and say the plan is just something that would benefit the NRA.

"I disagree strongly and OF COURSE they say that, they want to sell more guns and line their pockets to keep their lobby strong," wrote Heidi Nemith on Patch's Facebook page which was hit fast and hard with comments once the NRA news hit Friday afternoon.

Nemith's contention was supported by Patch reader Artie Kopelman.

"What do you expect from the NRA? They blame everything on everyone else and their answer is to turn more of the US into armed camps," he wrote.

But William Connolly and Cassandra Fraczak disagree and say the NRA is right. "It is the ONLY way to prevent it," wrote Connolly.

In response Ryan Murray called the NRA idea "irresponsible at the least" but Hannah Moran Bissell believes a properly trained armed guard "would prevent more than just gun violence."

And several readers mentioned that while the NRA idea may sound plausible, they wondered if it's economically feasbile given the budget challenges facing districts this year.

"I'm sorry, could all the people that support this idea please let me know where the money is supposed to come from to buy the guns, pay for the insurance, pay for the training, and pay for the settlements when a mistake is made? The NRA statement today was simply free advertising," wrote Brian Reiss.

In response Laura Gallo Cooper said whatever the cost it is a small cost to pay for student safety.

"Sadly this is what the world has come to. I think it's a small price to pay for keeping our children safe where we leave our trust with the lives of our children to someone else, especially in the schools where we take for granted that they are safe and protected everyday. It's a very sad situation."

Tony Chliek December 21, 2012 at 10:36 PM
We might as well put a six shooter on everyone's hip like in the "cowboy" days. Then I'd really feel safe. (((sarcasm intended)))
olegario sanchez December 22, 2012 at 08:45 PM
u bet


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