Last night (2/3/14), during the end of the snowstorm our foster kitten managed to escape. We spent 8 hours tracking her footsteps throughout the neighborhood last night as well as putting flyers into every persons' doorway. We also put up flyers all around Sayville and Oakdale. This kitten (Amelia) was picked up from Smith's Point Beach by RSVP Rescue a couple of weeks ago. She is very skittish and extraordinarily elusive. Based upon the tracks that we were able to follow she is still on this block. She is approximately a year old. She has recently been spayed and checked for diseases, as well as being de-wormed. The tip of her right ear is clipped as well. She has very long hair but a shaved belly (due to excessive matting when we first got her). She will try very hard to stay hidden but when you are able to catch her will be very nice. We have a Havahart trap set up, insulated with a blanket with her scent as well as a can of tuna fish. We have been checking it regularly but we've had no luck. If there is anything anyone can do or if anyone sees her or has any tips on her whereabouts please dont hesitate to send me an email at Craig.Schiavoni@gmail.com . A reward is offered for any tips directly leading to a recapture. She was last seen on Rollstone Ave in West Sayville, NY 11796. Thank you all so much
Joanne Hamilton February 05, 2014 at 07:21 PM
Shared. Have you contacted the different vet offices and then the animal shelters too? Post on facebook which I did too. Good luck!
Craig Schiavoni February 06, 2014 at 11:03 AM
Thank you so much. We have put flyers up all over the place and have contacted all surrounding shelters and vets offices as well as reaching out to roughly 15 different animal rescue organizations around L.I. We now have an area outside, away from the weather, with food, water, her litter box and blankets with her scent. We're hoping she is ok. So far we have had no luck. You have no idea how much we appreciate the help, youre a great person. Thank you so much.


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