It's the Season of Good Gifts & Bad Gifts

Patch asks readers to chime in and share memories of those thoughtful gifts and the not-so-thoughtful gift.

With just two weeks until the holiday shopping frenzy is over, Patch would love to hear from readers about best and worse gift experiences.

Patch has kicked it off by sharing on our Facebook page what our memories hold.

Tell us there or below in the comments what yours are and how you may have handled those awkward moments as when a box revealed a gift you had actually gifted a few years earlier or the time a 'loving' family member presented a big hint by buying you a gym membership.

Wendy Liu December 08, 2012 at 08:07 PM
Wierdest gift ever....in-laws donated money (not a charity or organization that we care about) and gave us the receipt. The gift was the write off on our taxes.


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