A Look at Some New Homeopathic Healing Products

Some new remedies get a review.

My faithful readers know that I sometimes recommend products by name and that I have no interest in any product other than it's efficacy. From time to time, companies will send me samples of their products to review. It always amazes me as to who is reading the column on Patch, and the more good it does, the better!

Boiron, one of the world's largest makers of homeopathic remedies, sent me samples of their cold and flu remedy, Oscillococcinum, their cough remedy Chestal, and their cold remedy tabs.  

I can confidently say that these are products you should keep in your natural medicine chest all year long, but especially now that we are going into the cold and flu season. Chestal is excellent for coughs, with no side effects and no narcotics and gives hours of soothing relief. It has a pleasant taste as well. All of it's ingredients are clearly stated on the box, with explanations of how they work and what types of coughs they remedy.  

A couple of columns ago, I wrote of the dangers of sugar intake when fighting cancer and I mentioned stevia, a natural, sugar free sweetener. Nicole Gilman, a representative of Anu-Med Intl, was kind enough to send me samples of their Simply Stevia product. I am impressed! Not only does it come in neat little packets, it comes in liquid form in purse or pocket sized bottles. They've gone a step further and added natural flavorings like pomegranate and caramel to the stevia, and I enjoyed those as well. I do find them "sweet sweet" so use your own judgment as to how much.

As a very nice gesture from Nicole, all of my readers who want to try Simply Stevia, can go to the web site, www.simplystevia.com and use the coupon code "boots10" for a discount! The coupon is valid until November 19th.  Thank you, Nicole!

My column on skin safety garnered a response from Fleury Sommers of the newly formed SunAWARE International Foundation, who announced publication of a brand new magazine on the Apple Newstand. 

You can access this new magazine by going to the Health and Fitness category, or go to http:/bit.ly/SRrvVO.  Anything we can do to fight  and prevent cancer is good in my book!   

As I have stated in the past, I have Thalassemia Minor, a genetic blood disorder which results in chronic anemia. Debbi Carroll of Bio Medical Research Laboratories, sent me samples of their blood building product Prohemia which I have been taking faithfully for the last few months.  

By encouraging the kidneys to produce erythropoietin, Prohemia helps to increase hemoglobin. I'm happy to say that I feel a big difference in my energy levels and overall well being. There was no constipation and no horrible after taste or belching, and no painful injections, a big plus if you've ever taken iron supplements. I think it's a product well worth looking into if you suffer from any kind of anemia. Of course, check with your M.D. or N.D. before taking anything.

I'll be reviewing other products and letting you know what I think of them in future columns. It's my pleasure to try new things and let you know about them and rest assured, I will always be truthful and impartial when recommending any product. I don't accept money or payment of any kind to bring these products to your attention, just the satisfaction of telling you good things about good products.  

Dr. Kleine regrets she cannot give advice by phone or e-mail.  For an appointment call 631.472.8139 or e-mail us at  Drfootsi@myway.com


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