Gas Prices Up, Higher than National Average

Upper Dublin gas prices are higher than the regional and national averages; check out the prices at local gas stations.

Gas prices in the Philadelphia area jumped about a nickel per gallon over last week, according to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report … and they jumped a bit higher in the Upper Dublin area.

According to AAA, the price for a gallon of regular gas in the Philadelphia region is $3.77; premium gas will cost you another $0.28 per gallon. Those prices are both up more than a quarter over last month.

About a year ago, regular fuel was about a dime cheaper per gallon and premium gas was $0.15 per gallon less than it is now.

Prices at gas stations in the Upper Dublin area are generally higher than both the regional and the national averages — fuel prices at almost every gas station jumped over last week.

The cheapest regular fuel can be had at Cumberland Farms — it’s going for $3.74 per gallon. If your car’s compression ratio is higher and demands the more expensive stuff, hit up the Shell station or the Sunoco station — both places are selling premium gas for $4.09. Incidentally, most cars that require “premium” gas require a minimum octane rating of 91, making 92 and 93 octane fuel unnecessary. Sunoco sells 91 octane and it’s usually a couple cents cheaper than the sometime-unnecessary 93 octane gas.

And how far are we from the highest-ever gas prices? The highest average price for regular fuel in the Philadelphia region was $4.16 in June 2008.

Gas Station Regular, Feb. 19 Premium, Feb. 19  Difference Over Last Week, Regular/Premium Cumberland Farms, Limekiln Pike $3.74 $4.11 +$0.09/+$0.11 Sunoco, Dreshertown Road and Limekiln Pike 3.79 4.09 +0.11/+0.12 Exxon, Limekiln Pike and Norristown Road 3.89 4.19 no change Shell, Butler and Bethlehem pikes 3.79 4.09 +0.10/+0.10 7-Eleven, Butler and Bethlehem pikes 3.81 4.21 +0.12/+0.22 Lukoil, Pennsylvania Avenue and Bethlehem Pike 4.03 4.32 +0.06/0.05 Average 3.84 4.17 Philadelphia Average 3.77 4.05 +0.06/+0.05 National Average 3.75 4.05 +0.15/+0.14
Patrick A. McGee February 21, 2013 at 01:51 AM
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