Town Reveals Preliminary Plans for Sayville's Downtown Parking

Chamber meeting focuses on improving the parking situation surrounding Main Street.

With the issue of parking in Sayville's downtown business district a hot topic of discussion among business owners, the Town of Islip recently analyzed 11 municipal parking lots located north and south of Main Street as part of an effort to improve the current situation.

At Tuesday night's meeting of the Sayville Chamber of Commerce, Town Councilman Steve Flotteron and Gene Murphy, town Planning Commissioner, discussed the issue and the town's recent survey of parking lots in the business district.

According to Murphy, the parking patterns of cars in downtown Sayville were analyzed over a three day period in August – a Monday, Thursday and Friday. The study was completed between 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. The 11 lots survey had a total of 692 parking spaces; 352 north of Main Street and 340 south of Main Street.

"We found that more spots were being used in the afternoon," noted Murphy, who said that 96 cars were parked in the morning and 135 in the afternoon timeframe.

He said that a key number in the data was that 128 cars all day. "These cars that were parked all day were parked close to the stores," added Murphy. "We need to set time limits for those parking spaces located close to the stores."

In speaking to Chamber of Commerce members, he discussed several ideas that could improve the current parking situation. They include enhancing signage and making some back roadways one-way streets to increase the number of parking spaces in the area. "We need to improve the beautification of the areas behind these stores. The plans include a paved area to make the space feel more walkable," said Murphy, adding that enhancement to lighting and landscaping and better location of dumpsters could also be part of the discussion.

He noted that these plans are a work in progress and he was looking for feedback from the Chamber to see what ideas would best serve Sayville. He said that he needs the Chamber's help when it comes to beautification and providing input. The Chamber's October meeting will again focus on parking and Murphy will reveal a proposal for downtown Sayville.

He added that his ideas and the overall discussion are the start of the process to improve the parking situation and that the town would need to hold public hearing before finalizing any plans.

News & Notes

The annual Fall Festival, which is set for Oct. 23 in downtown Sayville, will include a petting zoo, pony rides, baking contest and a pumpkin carving contest.

Oysterman's is hosting their fifth annual Band Together to Beat Breast Cancer event on Sunday, Oct. 3. Tickets for this charity music event, which benefits Breast Cancer Help, are $40 in advance and $50 at the door. Admission includes buffet, live entertainment as well as raffles and prizes. Call 589-7775 for more information.


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