Sayville Salon Owner Takes a Unique Approach to Parking Violators

If you’re not a Blanca customer don’t park in Blanca’s lot or you may find a sticky situation.

A Sayville salon business owner, fed up with drivers using her lot for movie theater use and other reasons, is taking the unusual step of slapping bright red stickers on parking violators’ cars to remind the non-customers that her lot is only for her clients’ use.

“I’m just fed up with people parking when the signs clearly state it’s for my salon clients. It’s become a sore subject every day as I listen to my customers tell me they have no parking access and I have a lot for them,” said Blanca, owner of Blanca’s salon on Railroad Avenue.

“People destroy my signs and I keep replacing them. There is a sign that says no parking unless you’re a customer and I could have their cars towed or call the police. So I started using the stickers,” she explained.

And the stickers are having an impact as at least one Bayport resident, Lisa, wasn’t very happy to return to her car and see the big sticker on her vehicle’s driver side window.

“I thought it was open parking and I didn’t see any signs,” said Lisa, who said she went into Blanca’s salon to inquire why someone had put graffiti on her truck. The sticker states: "NO THEATRE PARKING TENANT AND CUSTOMERS OF BLANCA'S ONLY.”

A heated exchange then took place, according to both women.

“I took her outside and showed her the sign. I’m just sick of it. People just don’t read the signs,” said Blanca, who has operated a Sayville salon for 33 years and has been in her current location for 12 years. “I pay $17,000 a year and that’s for the space for my customers to park,” she added.

Lisa, who emailed the Patch about the incident, contends she never noticed the sign and said there were plenty of parking lot spaces available.

“I felt the need to immediately write to the Patch and urge people TO BE WARNED or your car will be vandalized,” she wrote.

“I'm unsure if she's even allowed to do that, but I had to drive around, embarrassed, with that obnoxious sticker. I'm aware this is a silly little dispute, but I was/am annoyed by her and felt the need to put in my two cents as I usually never do so. I also attached a picture, and now I'm starting to find a lot of humor in this. “

But Blanca doesn’t see any humor in the parking situation and vows to keep putting stickers on cars parked illegally in her lot.

“These people think they’re entitled and they’re insubordinate. They need to read the signs.”

Anthony G. (Holbrook) July 24, 2012 at 12:15 PM
Having a sticker is a NICE way of not towing the car. Think; do you want to get out of theater to find the car is gone, call the police to find it was not stolen, but towed. Then pay about $200 to get it back and have to wait to get picked up? She should just have a tow service waiting near the lot and as people leave their car, tow them away. Then people will be wishing their car was stickered. The entitlement and "eff the next guy" attitude needs to stop. Too many people feel they can do what they want, when they want. It's everywhere. We are becoming a society of selfish [jerks]. I applaud the shop owner for standing up and solving the issue opposed to complaining about it.
Vito July 24, 2012 at 01:50 PM
Amen Anthony, you see this attitude everywhere. People judge what is right and wrong based solely on their own needs and desires. Sadly, this mindset has progressed so far that many don't even realize how self-absorbed and selfish they are being. Many of the comments here are an example of that. I don't think these are all bad people here, they have just lost perspective on what it means to be part of a community, where it isn't all about ME.
Geezer July 24, 2012 at 03:53 PM
Why would Blanca lose business over this? Her customers are NOT getting stickerd, TOW the schmucks!
MotherHen July 25, 2012 at 03:24 AM
Sorry Lisa. Thank you for playing. The signs are obvious, you parked illegally.
Christine July 29, 2012 at 02:00 AM
If it was a question of be towed or get a sticker, I think we would all agree a sticker. However I think the car or cars should towed, and I would expect that and good enough reason I would never park where a sign is posted. If you have a sign to be towed the sign must state the name, address and phone number of the tow company then why the sticker? What is the message, most would get it.....but if the sticker was placed however I worry about the person who is the "I can"....I'm not sayings Lisa from Bayport, Im talking in general....they would look to sue for damages to their car or maybe try to damage the place of business. I don't think the salon owner is trying to send the wrong message but I just think there is more of a chance you would piss off the wrong person. Don't misunderstand me....I'm just saying......


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