Meet the Chef

John Murphy of the Sayville Inn talks shop.

John Murphy has a quiet and shy physique, but he offers a hospitable and accommodating environment at The Sayville Inn.  Contrary to many restaurant chefs, John is happy to accommodate special requests and if you don't see something on the menu you're craving, just ask! John will be happy to cook a request as long as he has it in house.

John Murphy grew up in Patchogue and began his restaurant career as many chefs do, as a dishwasher. John started at the Admiral's Quarters, a restaurant previously in Patchogue. From there, he went to cook at the Bellport Kitchen in Bellport where he met Pam Raymond, now the owner of The Sayville Inn.

When Pam Raymond first opened The Sayville Inn, she immediately wanted John to be a part of it. It took about a year to get him on board, but that was 25 years ago and he has been at The Sayville Inn ever since.

John was the sous chef for a majority of his time at the restaurant. Over the last two years he has transitioned to executive chef. He learned his culinary skills by practicing under other chefs and working hard. He credits Vinny Winn, a former chef at The Sayville Inn, with teaching him most of his skills but said he has learned from all the chefs he has worked with.

Although John has always been cooking, he owned a landscaping business back in 1987. He would landscape during the day and cook at night. John said if he weren't cooking right now, he'd probably be landscaping. "I love the outdoors", said John.  If it weren't for a life changing car accident, John might still be landscaping. A drunk driver hit John's landscaping truck in a car accident that cost John his business.

John and Pam Raymond have developed a very close relationship over the past 25 years. Pam is "like a second mother to me", said John. John, his wife and his three children live in the house next door to the restaurant. Having his kids next door is great for John who works five nights a week. His daughter Samantha, 12, loves to come home from school, visit her dad at the restaurant and play the Piano.

The Sayville Inn is open for dinner seven nights a week. Chef John Murphy prepares nightly specials including a local favorite, "Mexican Shrimp" (see recipe below). Call ahead to find out if they are being featured, or try to make them at home. Call 567.0033.

Chef John Murphy's "Mexican Shrimp"

4 Large Shrimp (peeled and deveined)

¼  green pepper

¼  red pepper

½ diced small pepper

¼ cup hot sauce

¼ cup hot or mild salsa (to taste)

¼ cup cheddar cheese

Tortilla chips

Put two tablespoons of oil in a pan. Sautee one side of shrimp

Add all peppers and turn shrimp

Sautee peppers, add hot sauce and salsa

Cook until Shrimp are done (this is fast)

Add cheddar and put in oven until cheese melts

Serve with Tortilla Chips on a plate.


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