Maple Glen Man Files Civil Complaint Against Jenkintown Factory

A Maple Glen resident has filed a civil action against his former employer.

A Maple Glen man claims that his Jenkintown employer fired him for his previous involvement in two lawsuits against the company.

The Pennsylvania Record reports that Gerald Creed, 61, filed a complaint with the federal courthouse in Philadelphia stating that he was fired from his human resources job at SPS Technologies in Jenkintown because he was "'associated' with two cases in which civil litigation was initiated against the company." He had worked for the company since 1978.

In the complaint, Creed claims that at no time did the company "ever advise Creed that the manner in which he handled any issue pertaining to the employees in the other two cases was deficient." The lawsuit claims that the firing was "pretextual," as he was replaced with a much younger employee.

Read the entire article here.


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