Do You Remember Businesses From Long Ago?

Test your memory and tell us what former stores you once loved in the West Sayville, Sayville, Bayport and Blue Point shopping areas.

Ok, here goes:

I remember Jack's Deli (now the Fish Store) on Bayport Ave and Montauk Hwy and Make Someone Smile flower shop, on Montauk near McConnell Avenue, is where the Fish Store first opened

Then there's Ed's Deli -- it's still a deli but you'll find Ed and Wayne at Blackbird's Grille these days.

What businesses do you remember? What's there now? Share your knowledge and let's see who has the best recollections.

For example, anyone remember where the Bayport Post Office was before it opened on Montauk Highway?

P.S. Attention Local Historian Gene Horton: You're too knowledgeable to play along :)

Sherry Short Reinert August 01, 2012 at 04:53 PM
I remember when the Posy Office was on Middle Road in Bayport. I remember Shenes Lincheonette and Nicks Deli next to it. I also remember Shands and the Manhattan House, a bar next to it.
Cathy Zigrosser Klarmann August 06, 2012 at 01:11 PM
How about Hans and Katies corner of Bayport Avenue and Rail Road Ave, Dicks Hobby Shop-'Tricky Dicks' next to Shenes, I remember Flo's in Blue Point - 'Meet and Eat at Flo's'. - Cathy Zigrosser Klarmann
Laurie Greer August 09, 2012 at 12:08 AM
Great memories above. I remember the flower shop at Mcconnell Ave. too. On the other side of the corner where Old Tyme tatoo and the deli are, has been through a couple of changes since the 70's. Prior to now it was The Beer Barn with small grocery and before that it was a moving and storage company. Across the highway, where Denise's flower shop is, was a small fried chicken place. He used to have the chicken coops in the back, along the parking lot for Polished. Freshest fried chicken:)....and of course it's nice to see a revival of The Parrot on Montauk Hwy...although it's not quite the same, as the original.


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