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Candy Lane's Location Change Is Bittersweet

After 11 years, the West Islip chocolate store is moving but the business' family touch will always remain.

Candy Lane is heading down a new path. After 11 years, the West Islip based candy and chocolates store is moving their goodies to a new location.

“We’re just moving down the road,” said the store’s owner (who wish not to be indentified). On August 15th, the family run business will set up shop at 563 Muncey Rd in West Islip.

The Candy Lane chocolateers started out as a husband and wife team, selling their sweets on the side while working the restaurant scene.

“We used to work at Howard’s Pub (in Patchogue),” said the owner. “My wife was a waitress and I was the cook.”

Patrons of the restaurant were the first to get a taste of the Paul's homemade chocolates. Their dessert recipe took flight when they were offered a contract with American Airlines to make chocolates as union gifts for the holidays.

“It was then that we needed a storefront,” the owner said.  The couple headed over to familiar territory and wound up buying out the very store they went to whenever they craved something sweet. “The woman who owned the store offered to sell it to us.”

Candy Lane officially opened in 2001 under the new owners and claim they thrive most during the holiday season.

“Christmas is our busiest time of the year,” the owner explained. “It’s great because it’s a full season that lasts from Thanksgiving time to New Years.”

In addition to specialized holiday treats and party favors, Candy Lane comes stocked with chocolates and molds so customers can make the sweets themselves.

While all of the traditional Candy Lane sweets and treats will be available at their new location, the owner’s biggest concern is that customers who only come in on the holidays won’t know they have moved.

“The thing I am most sad about is that we have to take our mural down,” the owner said. “It’s really the identity of the building.”

Although Candy Lane is staying in West Islip, the town wanted the Giraldi painting of a house on a lane with children running down it removed. 

Fortunately the family store is moving just a little more than a mile  down the road from their original location, where you can still satisfy your sweet tooth.

Diane Fontana July 23, 2011 at 06:03 PM
As president of the chamber of commerce I am surprised at some of the comments I am reading. We go to bat for all businesses and work with town officials and residents on the very issues being discussed. Why not attend a general meeting which would be a good forum for people to voice their concerns or comments
Paula July 25, 2011 at 02:13 PM
The article read that the "new" owners took over in 2011. Before that there were different owners and before it was even Candy Lane I believe it was a liquor Store.
Pat September 17, 2011 at 05:04 PM
This is all very interesting reading and I'm sorry I had to go through it only to find that the NEW address for Candy Lane is no where to be found.
Mark September 17, 2011 at 06:38 PM
Pat, second paragraph: “We’re just moving down the road,” said the store’s owner (who wish not to be indentified). On August 15th, the family run business will set up shop at 563 Muncey Rd in West Islip.
margie migneco March 02, 2012 at 03:40 AM
Yes I remember it while I first started going out with my husband in 1979 and it was gret and just like it is now. I'm from N. Massapequa and we have the Chocolate Duck, which was originally Wollys, an old Hardware store that sold house hold items too! I bought a metal cookie press there when I was in the seventh grade. So finding Candy Lane was awesome!!


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