Bedding Retailer Aims to Switch Daylight Savings Time Day

Sleepy's has launched an online petition to have the clock change moved to a Saturday.

Would moving Daylight Savings Time from Sunday to Saturday make your life easier?

Apparently Sleepy’s, a major bedding retailer, believes so and has created an online petition to make it happen.

According to the retailer’s Facebook page it has launched a grassroots social network effort, called Soften the Shock, by creating a petition at Care2 with the target of getting the Department of Transportation to adjust the 2 a.m. clock change from Sunday morning to Saturday morning in March.

The DOT oversees time zones and daylight saving time, according to published reports.

Sleepy’s claims that the move will make the time change easier on the human body, boost work productivity and make lives safer.

“The annual early Sunday time change results in Monday morning sluggishness and real problems including workplace fatigue, lower productivity and a higher rate of workplace, school and traffic accidents,” states the petition.

A survey by Sleepy’s in 2012 indicated more people than ever are in favor of making the change. When compared with a similar survey undertaken by Sleepy's in 2011, the 2012 poll showed an increase of 16 percent among those who favor the move. The 2011 Sleepy's survey stated four out of 10 people begin preparing for the clock change a week ahead of time.  

So far the petition effort has 30 votes.

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