Bayport Residents Turn Out in Force at QuickChek Public Hearing

Not one of over 100 attending planning board hearing voiced support.

Members of town planning board review documents on QuickChek project. Photo by Judy Mottl/Patch.
Members of town planning board review documents on QuickChek project. Photo by Judy Mottl/Patch.

The Islip Town Planning Board reserved decision Thursday night on a QuickChek convenience store-gas station proposed for Bayport.

The decision came after nearly three hours of public comment from residents opposed to the project. 

Of the nearly 100 in attendance, over half a dozen spoke out citing a slew of concerns from traffic and vehicle congestion to pedestrian safety and the impact on the local business district. No one spoke in favor of the project.

Two Bayport gas station operators presented the board with a 1,003-signature protest petition and the Bayport Civic Association and the Bayport-Blue Point Chamber of Commerce went on official record as being against the project.

“The problem with this is, as they say in real estate, is location, location, location,” BCA President Bob Draffin told the board. “I would be hard pressed to pick a worst location than this in Bayport.”

Noting she is against the proposal given the potential impact on the fire department response effort, as the department is a stone’s throw from the location, BBP Chamber President Kathy Heinlein said her group does not believe the project is in the best interests of the community.

“We need to protect our community,” she said.

The standing-room-only crowd filled the town hall meeting room to capacity, with some attendees forced to listen from the hallway.

QuickChek is proposing a 6,500-square-foot convenience store and an eight-bay fuel station (16 pump handles) on the two-acre plus parcel that now houses Bayport Transmission, an auto sales dealership and a residential structure.  The store would operate 24 hours a day with one entrance located off Montauk Highway, as west as possible from the intersection according to QuickChek, and two curb cuts on Snedecor.  The store would offer 14 indoor seats and two outdoor tables providing eight seats.

The company is asking the planning board for two special permits, one for the store and one for the gas station, as well as approval to erect bigger and taller signs than allowed by code, reduced set back stipulations and a reduction in parking as the town requires 66 spots for such a project and QuickChek has included parking for 56 cars.

In addition to gas pump bays, the locations offer fresh dairy, sliced deli and fill-in grocery products in a local community superette format, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner takeout and catering services. Stores also offer a full pharmacy service.

After the hearing was closed, planning board chairman John Schettino said the board will continue to accept public comment and feedback on the proposal as the planning board begins its review process.

Patrick December 07, 2013 at 09:39 AM
Nice to see the community unite against this.
Ed Horcrantz December 08, 2013 at 12:27 PM
Lets see if the political corruption prevails in Islip and this monster gas station is built.
Concerned Citizen December 09, 2013 at 09:49 AM
Can't imagine what traffic will devolve into if this goes through. I'm glad my kids are almost done with High School. The HS office will be forced to accept "stuck in traffic" as a reason for tardiness. Also, volunteer firemen that can't get to the firehouse because cars are backed up trying to get in & out of a parking lot that doesn't meet code as far as number of spaces? The other exception that needs to be granted is size of signage. I have spoken to other business owners in town who are hurt by their abilities as far as limitations by the town on signage, but the same town will grant exceptions to a corporation no one wants in town? If it's built, let's see how long we can hold out on buying there. Quikchek is not a franchise, so the property owner (who we all know from his 2 side by side stores) must be leasing the property to Quikchek? A little note to him- H- if this goes through, you must know we are all going to boycott your 2 small stores as well, right? You're a pleasant man, don't let this be the mistake you regret down the road.
crookhaven December 09, 2013 at 08:22 PM
fire public safety commissioner john carney, he's a lying political hack.


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