A Peek at the Pump: Where to Get the Cheapest Gas

Local station prices have jumped 20 cents a gallon since a month ago.

Just a month ago the cheapest gas price around town was $3.60 a gallon for regular petroleum.

As of February 3, the same gas is selling for an average of $3.80 to $3.90.

So for those filling up for the week keep in mind Wednesday is usually the lowest gas price of the week and it might be worth waiting to see if prices dip.

Here's what local station prices were as of Sunday, Feb. 3 for regular gas:

Bayport    $3.859

Blue Point $3.939

OK Petroleum
Foster/Middle Rd. $3.799

West Sayville  $3.899

Bayport    $3.92

Bayport  $3.98

Lakeland Ave. Sayville  $3.90


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