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Local Historian Quizzes BCA On B-BP History

The Bayport Civic Association celebrates the end of the year with a game presented by local historian Gene Horton.

Local historian Gene Horton from Blue Point quizzed members on their knowledge of the Bayport area at their last meeting of the year Tuesday night.

With a 25-question game, Horton educated members on the history of Bayport from its original founding in 1786 as “Southport” to the BCA’s establishment in 2003.

Most members proved to know their town very well, but others struggled with questions like: “Down what street can you see the bay if you’re standing on Montauk Highway?” And “who was James Wilson Young?”

Do you know the answers?

Horton told BCA members Gillette Avenue is the only street from which you can see the bay when standing on Montauk Highway. He also explained how Bayport was founded and more recent history, like why the district’s middle school is named after James Wilson Young. Who was he? Horton revealed that Young was a glorified Board of Education leader.

A member of the Bayport Heritage Foundation, Horton said he obtained all the knowledge about Bayport-Blue Point by researching online and reading books. “The Heritage Foundation put out two great books,” Horton said. “One is long gone and out of print, but the other, ‘Bayport Heritage,’ is a good one.”

Bob Draffin, BCA president, said he invited Horton to end the year meeting to lighten the mood and show members that Horton is actually sort of a local treasure.

“If you ever have a chance to talk to him, you’re guaranteed to learn something new about your immediate surroundings,” Draffin said.

Draffin also updated members of the BCA on pending issues like the and the skate park proposal for the old Blue Point Laundromat land. However, he said, “All things seem quiet on the horizon.”

Draffin said he is welcoming the new year and is eager to start working with the new Islip Town officials.

“Islip has a whole new set of elected officials so I am interested to get acquainted with the new councilmen and Islip Town Hall.”


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