UPDATED: What Sayville-Bayport Residents Want in 2014: No Light Show, Community Center

More police activity regarding teenage drinking also a wish list item.

A few Bayport residents are hoping the Girl Scout light show closes forever in 2014. Photo by Judy Mottl/Patch.
A few Bayport residents are hoping the Girl Scout light show closes forever in 2014. Photo by Judy Mottl/Patch.

The Bayport Fire Department has not made any statement regarding the Girl Scout Light Show, according to Chief Bob Fleming, in reference to a Patch Facebook posting, noted in this article, that states the department believes it poses a danger.   


Bayport residents aren’t happy about a seasonal light show event, and some Sayville residents want some action taken on teenagers and drug use, with one proposing a community center solution.

Those topics were the overriding wish-list items in response to an informal Patch poll on needed community improvements in the new year.

The Sayville-Bayport Patch Facebook question, “what changes do you want to see” across the communities of Sayville, Bayport and Blue Point, brought quick responses from Lakeview Avenue residents who are clearly fed up with the annual Girl Scout light show event in Bayport.

“I want 2013 to be the last year the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County put on the Holiday Light Show on Lakeview Avenue,” wrote Emily Bosch. 

Her statement was echoed by Lisa Smith Voos who hopes the Town of Islip refuses to renew the permit for the show.

“The SCPD, Bayport FD, Arrow Security, and Elected Officials have agreed off the record that this event poses a danger to residents, she wrote.

Judy Clerkin Davis hopes that police activity will help put a stop to “kids drinking, doing drugs, and vandalizing Brookside County Park in Sayville.”

Susan Hatter-Knappe feels the same way and offered up a solution. She hopes to see a community center in Sayville, so all those kids that are doing all those drugs, drinking and vandalizing have a constructive place to hangout.”

Eric Arthur Blair’s response was about the downtown areas of the communities.

“How about fewer abandoned businesses lining Montauk Highway?” he wrote.

Mike January 12, 2014 at 10:49 AM
@Mike: I'd like to know your basis for your assertion that local businesses suffer due to traffic caused by the light show. I beg to differ. I know of quite a few families from out of the area that stick around before or after the show and patronize local eating establishments like the pizzerias. I'm just taking a guess here, but it stands to reason that the increased vehicular traffic would bring more business into the local gas stations as well. Do you really know of any local business owners complaining that the traffic is driving customers away? I am in no way trying to argue for one minute that the residents of Lakeview (Lakeshore? sorry, I forget) Drive endure a much increased amount of traffic during the light show. It gets really bad at times. But it only gets busy on the weekends. And it's only open 5 weeks or so. So the traffic is bad at the most what, 12 days? Is that a hug price to pay for the virtual privately maintained nature preserve that they live near? That's a large tract of undeveloped land that acts as a natural buffer from Sunrise Hwy noise and is maintained all on the Girl Scouts dime. The light show pays for a large percentage of that upkeep. I'm simply stating that there are many more pressing, long term issues that this beautiful community is facing right now. Perhaps people's focus would be better spent on those issues.
Mike January 12, 2014 at 01:00 PM
Mike. No doubt that some people may stick around after the show.But alot of people can't get here to any pizzerias from another town during that time.Have you tried coming into Bayport from Nichols rd or points east of that? It takes a half an hour to get through.No joke.Of course if you live in the town then you know the back roads to get around as best as possible, But if you don't and you want to come to Le soir or the fish store good luck! These places depend alot on the holiday business. In terms of who and how much of a hit the local business's take well you will have to ask them.The ones that I have spoken with have all said that once it starts to get dark they slow down tremendously.I agree that there are pressing issues facing this town but so is this.This affects people and business's in a negative way. Of course just my opinion and the opinion of the few others that have commented here. You say it is a positive. We won't know until more people and business's speak up and say if it is a positive or a negative.
ASD mom January 12, 2014 at 04:20 PM
Community Center or not, kids who are out "drinking and doing drugs" are not going the ones who would go to a Community Center in the first place. There's nothing wrong with the idea of one but be realistic about who will be going there.
Tom Mariner January 13, 2014 at 06:48 AM
I have done some innovating in my time and learned to pay attention to unexpected results, particularly those that bring a bunch of people. There has to be a way that the Sayville area can learn something to help accomplish our aims. Unfortunately, if the big wish is quiet enjoyment of one's home is tops, the traffic jams blocking Montauk Highway is not an acceptable price.
Keith January 14, 2014 at 07:46 AM
The light show is not just an inconvenience for the residents of Bayport and Lakeview Avenue but it is a danger. I used to live on Lakeview Ave. so I'm speaking from experience when I say that. Being told to drive into oncoming traffic from a "security team" that the Girl Scouts provide is their idea of helping. Majority of the time they haven't even stopped traffic coming from that way. It's begging for a head on collision. I used to get so much anxiety knowing that after a long day at work I had to go home and not only sit in forty five minutes worth of traffic to get from Nichols road to Lakeview but then drive into oncoming traffic and deal with the honking and cursing from angry light show goers who think I am trying to cut the line. From the day after Thanksgiving until the new year from five until "nine" (actual time sometimes being 11 pm) you are actually trapped inside your home living on that block. Forget about having dinner delivered to try and avoid the madness of driving because that won't happen. And forget about having a Holiday party with family and friends. There's no way it's possible. And Holiday shopping after work? Or running out to get some milk quick? These are things that the residents of Lakeview Ave no longer have for over a month. On top of all of that just think if there was an emergency and an ambulance needed to get down Lakeview ave. With the 100,000 + cars that go down that block during that time and the insane traffic and narrowness of that street do you honestly think help would get there fast enough? Now I'm not saying that the Girl Scouts shouldn't have their light show. I have family involved in the Girl Scouts and I'm not trying to take anything away from them. I'm just saying that the venue NEEDS to be moved. A dead end street is no place for 100,000 + cars to be driving on during the month of December. It's just common sense.


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