US Post Office Celebrates Anniversary

Today also marks National Postal Workers Day.

July 1 marks the anniversary of the new Postal Service, which officially began operations on July 1, 1971. On that date, the Postal Reorganization Act, which was signed by President Richard Nixon and replaced the 'Post Office Department' with the independent United States Postal Service, took effect.

"The Postal Service and its employees have proudly embraced this notion of service in the face of all possible adversity," said Tom Gaynor, spokesperson for the United States Postal Service. "From the days of our founding fathers through Hurricane Katrina and into the blizzards of 2010, the Postal Service constantly builds on its mission of providing universal service to all Americans. From the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the furthermost point in Alaska, mail gets through."

Today is also National Postal Workers day so make sure to say thanks when you get your mail delivery today.


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