The Top 10 Latest Local Voices Blogs

Get caught up with local bloggers and what they're talking about post-Sandy.

Patch's Local Voices blogging forum is more active and interesting than ever these days as community residents take on news issues, philosophical debates, history and just personal reminscinces.

It's easy to blog on Patch. All you need to do is be a Patch member, provide a photo and then just write what comes to mind. If you need any help just email the editor at judy.mottl@patch.com

Here's a list of the most recent 10 posts on Patch:

Thanksgiving Dinner: Meals & Memories

Thanksgiving dinner is our favorite meal. Not only is it a day of fabulous eating, family and football, but it's also when our diets get a hall pass. With the food it's the scent we recall.

After the Storm: The Light of Giving

here's a look at the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the amount of donations that have followed.

Social Media: The Digital You & the Social Stalker

Social media is your digital self, and your tweets, posts and likes are essentially your online fingerprints.

What to Do & Not to Do This Black Friday

Keeping a clear head and getting the most bang for your buck on the busiest shopping day of the year.

Women & Automobiles in the Early 1900s

Men weren't alone in their appreciation of automobiles in the early 1900s. A unique selection of photos of women and autos from the early 1900s has been posted on VanderbiltCupRaces.com.

Job Search and the Holiday Season

Holidays can be a challenging time for job seekers. Tips to enjoy the holidays, maintain a healthy outlook AND stay focused on your job search throughout the season!

10 Tips for Going Back to Work

You were successful in work, juggling responsibilities and bringing home a paycheck. But then came a career break and you left the workforce. If you may want to return, then start with these10 tips.

Film: The 'Black Beast' in the Finale of 'Men Who Built America'

Sunday's finale of the History Channel's 'Men Who Built America' featured a reenactment of the 1901 'Race That Changed the World.'

Happy birthday to me...and Suki!

The School Responsibility

What is the role of the school in educating someone on the autism spectrum? What can you do to make sure there aren't any skill deficits by the time your child graduates?


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