Sayville Letter Carrier earns Million Mile Club Award

Robert Kuletsky is honored for 31 years without a motor vehicle accident.

Sayville Letter Carrier Robert Kuletsky was recently honored for earning the National Safety Council's prestigious Million Mile Club award. Sayville Postmaster Charles Powell announced the award, which recognizes professional drivers in the workplace who have traveled at least 30 years without a preventable motor vehicle accident.

"The standard of professional driving performance required to earn the Million Mile Club status demands the best driving skills," said Postmaster Powell. "Robert has demonstrated a genuine commitment to safety and the safety of those around him as he delivered mail to the customers in the neighborhoods on his route. The average car driver would have to travel around the world 40 times to equal a million miles.  Our carriers do it regularly in distances averaging approximately 30 miles a day for over 30 years. During an average lifetime, Americans will drive 413,000 miles and have 3.2 traffic accidents."

The Postmaster cautions that the statistics are very sobering. The National Safety Council reports more than 42,000 people lose their lives in motor vehicle crashes each year.  Another two million suffer disabling injuries.  Worse, there is a death caused by a motor vehicle crash every thirteen minutes and there is a disabling injury every ten seconds.

"We are really proud of Robert's attention to safe driving practices and the day-to-day efforts of all our employees," said Powell. 

Kuletsky enjoys being in Sayville. "Sayville is a beautiful town with great shops, restaurants and beautiful houses especially by the bay," he said. "It is a pleasure to work in what has been called the friendliest town in America."

As far as the secret to his safe driving success, Kuletsky said, "Driving defensively, obeying the traffic laws and luck has allowed me to deliver mail in Sayville for 31 years."

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