Roadways Still Tricky Hours After Storm Departs Sayville, Bayport

Photo by Judy Mottl/Patch.
Photo by Judy Mottl/Patch.
Several hours after winter snowstorm Hercules departed from Long Island, roadways remain a bit tricky between Sayville and Blue Point, especially those south of Middle Road and north of Montauk Highway.

While streets are are passable, there's little black pavement to be found, even on high traffic avenues such as Bayport and Snedecor in Bayport.

Montauk Highway between Sayville and Bayport was pretty much a two-lane road, instead of the usual four lanes. All local gas stations and liquor stores appeared open.

Sayville's main street is also packed down with snow though many business parking lots are clear. The most cleared is St. Lawrence given a pass by about 4 p.m. Friday.

Several stores, including Starbucks and Sayville Pizza are open, and the Four Star General Store. But many downtown businesses were closed due to the weather. 

Plows were spotted in several areas, as snow clearing continues in both Islip and Brookhaven.  

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Ed Horcrantz January 04, 2014 at 09:08 AM
Another epic failure by the Town of Islip. I attempted to go to the supermarket this morning. What a horrible job. Where are the Council members? You only see them when they are asking for your vote. I thought the town learned by their mistakes in February of 2013. I suppose they didn't.
Will January 04, 2014 at 02:03 PM
Maybe you should of went shopping before the storm. I dont think anybody realizes the task of plowing the roads when people are driving everywhere and nobody moves their cars of the side of the road. Its not an easy job. Maybe the next time it snows you should sign up with town and go plow the roads yourself.


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