Readers Offer Tips on Staying Warm in Frigid Temps

Baby it's cold outside but there are ways to keep the chill at bay.

With this past week's below, well below in some cases, freezing temperatures and a few more days of frigid cold to endure this week coming, Patch checked in with its Facebook friends to find out secrets to staying warm.

Suprisingly hot toddies didn't make the list, but some readers offered up some very sensible suggestions:

Lynn Klein's suggestion is to get warm winter clothing from L.L. Bean, while Tina Valetutti-Kraemer recommends underarmor.

A space heater under a work desk helps Nancy Longo Cochran but she admits "I'm still cold."

Kandy VanderVeer McDonald shares how her mother-in-law told her to put a heating pad on her feet.

"Worked like a charm!," she wrote to Patch.

And Tony Chliek had some simple advice.

"I stay home. Since I'm retired, that makes it very easy to do," he shared.

Staying home, and catching up on the Patch, can be a good way to keep out of the cold. But a hot toddie doesn't hurt either.


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