Poll: Islip Gets a Failing Grade in Snow Removal Effort

A majority of Patch readers give the town a “D” for storm cleanup.

If Islip Town were to get a report card on Nor’easter cleanup the grade would average a D, though some residents went as far as giving the town’s effort an F.

Just four responses on a Patch poll about the town's cleanup effort were positive: there were two votes for an ‘A’ and two for a ‘B’ which indicated very good to outstanding work, and two votes cast for ‘C’ indicating adequate but not terrific work.

But the majority ranged from the ‘D’ (horrible and inept) to ‘F’ (a total failure.)

In commenting on their grading, several residents noted that years of service cuts in highway and equipment likely played a role in the poor cleanup effort and noted the storm was unprecedented in terms of great snowfall in a short timeframe.

“Considering the fact that the past administration cut so many workers from the highway and roads department I think they did a good job. We all have to remember how heavy this snow was,” wrote Patricia Pausewang. She also noted that residents traveling on the road during cleanup time presented big challenges in plows getting to roads and cleaning roads.

“Was it really necessary to go get that coffee at 7-11 or DD. Or to leave your cars parked on the road when there was room in your driveway? This only made it harder as plows had to stop or go around the people and ended up getting stuck,” she asked.

Wendy Liu said an earlier jumpstart might have helped the situation.

“Once the snow built up so high, the weight exceeded the abilities of smaller equipment and reduced the number of plows that could operate. Now that plowing has been done in the neighborhood, there are still a lot of packed mounds of snow on the streets causing treacherous driving conditions. So basically, we are plowed but driving is too treacherous to use the roads unless you have to,” she wrote.

But many residents commenting on the poll article and on Patch’s Facebook page are clearly still very upset about the slow cleanup and still impassable roads as of Monday.

“Since they only showed up after 9 am [Monday] to plow my street I think this was a failure!” said Deborah Dozier.

James Forsberg feels very much the same.

“They should get an F as they plowed none of the main roads. Lakeland Avenue in Sayville was not cleared until Monday. I was on the LIE and the Southern State on Friday evening and saw no plows in my three and a half hour commute from the Bronx,” he related.

Vito Panzarino believes it’s time that Islip officials start working together when emergencies arise.

“Broadway Ave between Sunrise Highway and Vet's Highway is a mess whoever plowed this should not be paid and Montauk Highway in Sayville, West Sayville and Oakdale is also a mess must have been the same plow operator. The Town of Islip should stop their infighting and start getting their act together,” he wrote.

And Jennifer C. didn’t mince words when providing her feedback on the snow removal effort.

“Big fat F!!!!!! Next time you need a vote ... Remember you weren't there for the people that pay taxes!!!! So why count on our vote????” she wrote.

Douglas February 12, 2013 at 03:53 PM
Think of all the money they saved! It should be just enough to fill all the pot holes they are going to have come spring. Worst job EVER!
Lisa Smith Voos February 12, 2013 at 04:20 PM
I still do not see a clarification on the difference between a town road, a county road, and a state road. You simply can not blame the town for all the roads.
John Colasanto February 13, 2013 at 11:23 AM
Islip Town failed BIG time, 6 days later and 1/2 of my street is still un plowed, 6 calls to safety and DPW and still no plow Tax payers should take as long to pay taxes such a JOKE


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